Peer Leaders

A group of 30 business students, who will be sophomores fall of 2014, have been selected as Peer Leaders for the College of Business.  After eight hours of mentorship and leadership training, this inaugural class of Peer Leaders will be in contact with approximately 15 incoming freshmen throughout the summer and into fall semester, answering questions, mentoring them through providing their personal experiences at BGSU, and helping them with the transition to college life.

Here are the Peer Leaders and their background information.

Andrew K. Biltz

Zane Borsos

Brittany Ann Bowers

Kevin Burgett

Kristian Carter

Zavia S. Currie

Margaret Dorian

Rachel Durbin

Lane Farnsworth

Amanda Freedman

Angela Guidarelli

Spencer Huff

James Jacobs

Allen Jenkins

Grant A. Kirkey

Sook Zu Lee

Phillip Otto Lesiak

Jessica A. Limes

Hayley D. Loy

Angela Lucarelli

Kyleen Lynn

  • Specialization: Accounting, Business Analytics & Intelligence
  • Email: klynn@bgsu.edu
  • Bio

Bridgette A. Maillie

Michaela Pendergrass

Ryan Queen

Ashley Robinson

  • Specialization: International Business, Management, and Supply Chain Management
  • Email: robcash@bgsu.edu
  • Bio

Dylan Ruygrok

  • Specialization: Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics and Intelligence
  • Email: dylanar@bgsu.edu
  • Bio

Morgan Smith

Eric Steciw

Katheryn Thurman

Jaron Welty