Mission Statement


The College of Business at Bowling Green State University will be a leader in developing talent and ideas that drive economic and social vitality.

(Adopted March 2011)


The College of Business Administration provides an environment that supports our faculty, staff, and students to reach their fullest potential through learning, discovery, and service. Through an interactive educational experience that includes classroom and experiential learning, the CBA graduates will have extensive business knowledge and the ability to communicate clearly and to identify and solve problems critically, creatively, and ethically. Faculty and staff strongly encourage student engagement in all aspects of academic life.

(Adopted March 2011)

Strategic Directions

  1. Offer high quality programs that prepare students to achieve personal and professional success and to contribute to society.
  2. Encourage, support, and reward intellectual contributions to the academic disciplines and mission of the college.
  3. Engage in strategic relationships with individuals and organizations within the public and private sectors.
  4. Generate significant additional support to achieve our mission.
  5. Attract and retain highly qualified faculty, staff, and students.

Adopted by College of Business Administration Faculty, November, 2004