The Business District

The Business District, a residential theme community.

The Business District is a residential theme community where freshman and sophomore business or pre-business students live and interact with each other. It is designed to help students succeed in their personal, professional and academic lives and provide a sense of community.

There are many benefits to living in a theme community.

  • Transition more quickly to college
  • Develop lasting friendships
  • Perform better academically
  • Interact frequently with faculty
  • Become more involved

Students in The Business District are provided unique experiences.

  • Receive exclusive business opportunities and mentorships
  • Network with alums and corporate representatives
  • Experience academic support from peers, faculty and mentors
  • Explore business careers
  • Learn effective business skills outside of the classroom environment
  • Attend BGSU and community events
  • Participate in educational excursions

If you are a College of Business Administration major or Pre-business major who would like to join The Business District, you will need to be an admitted student to BGSU and have paid your housing deposit.
For further information, contact:
Susan Kosakowski


“I really enjoy being a part of the business district.  It has exposed me to many new opportunities and helped me be more interactive throughout the College of Business.  I now am more active with students like me and businesses I aspire to be a part of.”      
-Jenna Cline

“The Business District has given me the opportunity to open up and meet other business students as well as given me the opportunity to network in a way many students do not get.”
-Dayna Gay

“The Business District has provided me with various opportunities to be up close and personal with Business Execs and be around a group of that want to succeed just like I do.”
-Lauren Schmid          

“The Business District gave me the opportunity to meet some of my classmates and to meet Business Execs.”
–Joseph Ross

“Being in the Business District has surrounded me with numerous role-models including teachers and other students with similar interests.  Being in the middle of it gives me motivation to get involved around campus, attend events and put my focus into finding internships.  The Business District is an excellent opportunity and I am very lucky to have had the chance to be a part of it.”
–Chris Palmman

“Being in the Business District has really shaped me into a better student.  Every meeting makes me feel more confident in myself and my future.  It is also very fun living among other business district members.”
–Taylor Wulf

“The Business District has given me a great opportunity to jump start my college career in Business.  It is a great way to acquire internships and to network with employers.  I am fortunate to be a part of this learning community.”
–Charles Naegle

“The Business District has let myself live with fellow business majors allowing me to network and create friendships.”
–Jacob Williams

“The Business District is great, it helps you network and live in the same community in case you need help with anything business related.”
–Alex Forystek

“The Business District has allowed me to make many new friendships, expand my professional network, and learn more about career opportunities in business.  The opportunity has benefitted me in a multitude of ways that I will carry with me throughout college and beyond.”
–Tomas Crookston

“Through the Business District I have developed business and communication skills that will help me to succeed as I start applying for internships.  I feel more confident in my ability to speak with recruiters and I enjoy being involved on campus.  Living on a floor with my peers makes the residence hall a community and not just a dorm.”
–Lydia Schroer


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