Service Marketing Institute

As one of only six centers or institutes in the U.S. devoted to services/services marketing, the Service Marketing Institute at BGSU is among the leaders to provide engagement, learning, and growth opportunities among industry, students, and faculty.

Service excellence is important because services represent 85% of U.S. employment and 81% of our gross domestic product. Over 80% of businesses today are considered service companies.

We see the significance of the services marketing field to the business world and are dedicated to enhance the learning experience for our undergraduate students, to share the scholarly efforts of our faculty, and to collaborate with the business community on projects that will improve their organizations’ effectiveness.

BGSU is uniquely positioned for services marketing and sales for the following reasons:

  • We have a core of faculty members with demonstrated expertise in services marketing and sales.
  • BGSU is one of only six AACSB-accredited schools in the U.S. with a center/institute devoted to services/services marketing.
  • We are also one of only three AACSB-accredited universities with an undergraduate level program focusing on services or services marketing, and the only undergraduate program in the country focusing specifically on services marketing and selling services.

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Ms. Christine Seiler
Associate Director
Marketing Department
248 Business Administration
419- 372-7269