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Organizations today need to work efficiently and effectively in a global economy.  To help improve quality and profitability, Supply Chain Management is the strategic integration of the source-make-deliver practices within and among organizational partners.  Sourcing in a typical organization involves securing all the necessary raw materials, supplies, and services at the best value possible—whether from the company across the street or around the globe. 

Delivery, or logistics, plans and implements the effective flow and storage of goods and materials.  Supply chain managers in the Operations area oversee the ‘make’ aspect to coordinate efforts to transform the raw materials into the desired good or service.  As approximately 50% of all sales dollars are spent on purchased items or services, organizations recognize the importance of managing their supply chains to coordinate their efforts across the source-make-deliver linkages to control costs in good and bad economic times.

The Supply Chain Management program prepares students to handle broad managerial responsibilities in a variety of service and manufacturing settings.  Undergraduates are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the multiple internship and co-op opportunities available and to join the award winning Supply Chain Management Association

Graduates often start as buyers, supply chain analysts, planners, contract administrators, and inventory or transportation supervisors, often in leadership rotation programs allowing them to gain experience along multiple supply chain dimensions.  As they move up to senior executive roles, many graduates find opportunities for international travel and assignments. 

Companies have needs to improve the efficiencies of their supply chains and have long come to Bowling Green State University for knowledgeable supply chain graduates, and interns.  Nearly all graduating seniors specializing in supply chain management obtain a full-time job prior to graduation and most graduates have filled multiple internships or cooperative work experiences with both the companies who support the Supply Chain Management Institute as well as other companies who have a long recruiting history with the supply chain program at BGSU.

The average starting salary for BGSU graduating seniors in supply chain has been over $50,000 for the past few years.

Detailed descriptions of specific required supply chain specialization courses can be found here.

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