Ameila Carr, Ph.D.


Amelia Carr, Ph.D.

Position: Professor and Chair
Phone: 419-372-2453
Email: ascarr@bgsu.edu
Address: 3016 Business Administration

Faculty Spotlight

Supply chain management is Dr. Carr’s area of expertise. She says that specific areas of interest include the following: strategic sourcing; buyer supplier relationships; the role of information technology in supply chain relationships, supply chain strategy, and supply chain integration.

Her current research includes working on a supply chain study of the movie rental industry.  The purpose of the study is to understand how a company achieves a competitive advantage by aligning its strategy with supply chain partners.  Another study involves the integration of supply chain strategy through information sharing and coordination among companies.  The purpose is to apply theory to practice with respect to supply chain integration. 

Dr. Carr says in regards to her professional achievements, “I am most proud of serving more than eight years in the U.S. Army Transportation Corp where I achieved the rank of Captain.  This background in supply chain management led to my application to Arizona State University in 1991. Further, I am proud of being the first African-American female to graduate in 1996 from Arizona State University with a Ph.D. in Business Administration.  This accomplishment led to my faculty positions at Ohio State University and Georgia State University and becoming the Director of the Supply Chain Management Institute at BGSU.  I currently serve as the Chair of the Department of Management in the College of Business at BGSU.”

Dr. Carr has a passion for teaching as well as conducting research. “I enjoy teaching and working with students.  One of my passions is to help students develop leadership skills and to learn how to do independent research.”  To this end, I have worked with students who have won research paper awards, published in trade magazines and academic journals.  Also, I have worked with the Institute for Supply Management student organization to help students plan and execute events such as plant tours, professional development meetings, social events, community service events, travel to conferences and more.

The key experience Dr. Carr brings to the classroom is over 8 years of service in the U.S. Army and more than 15 years of academic and industry experience. “The military gave me tremendous experience in managing, supervising, and leading others.  Further, I was a logistician in the military, so I bring that experience to the classroom as well.  In addition, I have worked in private industry where I gained experience in the areas of quality management, project management, scheduling, operations and production planning.  And, as mentioned above, I have academic classroom experience from a number of universities prior to coming to BGSU.”  Further, Dr. Carr continues to work with a variety of companies through her research and in her role as a Professor of Supply Chain Management.


Ph.D., Arizona State University, Purchasing and Logistics Management, August 1996
M.A., Central Michigan University, Business Management, May 1984
B.A., Fordham University, Economics/French, May 1980


Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management & Director of the Supply Chain Management Institute, Bowling Green State University, 2003 – Present.

Assistant Professor of Operations Management/Supply Chain Management, Georgia State University, 2001 – 2003

Assistant Professor of Operations Management/Supply Chain Management, The Ohio State University, 1997 – 2002


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