Cooperative Education Program

We strongly encourage all students to participate in at least one internship or co-op during their academic careers.  Statistics show students have more opportunities and success for permanent placement after graduation with at least one co-op/internship experience.

The Cooperative Education Program helps students locate work related to their major as part of their educational program. We link classroom instruction and practical experience.

Here's what one supply chain student reports on his John Deere internship:

My project at John Deere is to identify major stakeholders of the PCA (Price Change Application) Process and hold meetings to create a current state map of the process.  After creating the current state map, I identify the gaps that have cost John Deere over $325,000 the past six months. In order to have a more efficient process, a future state map will be created. Then I will construct a SOP for new and existing users.

I like supply chain management because it is a diverse field and more companies are seeing the benefits by having supply chain managers. It feels great impacting the bottom line and being a great asset for a company.... Supply Chain Student Jacob Yaney

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