Class Dinners

Students are invited to a free gourmet dinner!

During fall and spring semesters, each class comes together for a dinner to discuss a topic of interest and enjoy the camaraderie of classmates. During dinner, the class deposits memorabilia in its Class Time Capsule and listens to a presentation. Here are the dinner dates for spring 2014, along with the presentation topic. Enjoy a gourmet dinner, courtesy of Dean Raymond Braun.

Spring Dates:

Class of 2015    

February 18
101 Olscamp, 5:30
Topic: Job Placement

Class of 2016

February 25
101 Olscamp, 5:30
Topic: Internships

Class of 2017

March 4
101 Olscamp, 5:30
Topic: Education Abroad

Class of 2014

April 30
101 Olscamp, 11:30 a.m. (luncheon)
Topic: Graduation Prep