Michael Carroll, Ph.D.


Michael Carroll, Ph.D.

Position: Professor
Phone: (419) 372-6053
Email: mcarrol@bgsu.edu
Address: 302 Business Administration




Ph.D. Colorado State University, 1997

M.S. Wright State University, 1990

B.S. Wright State University, 1982





Director, Center for Regional Development, Bowling Green State University, July 2005 to present

Professor of Economics, Bowling Green State University, May 2014

Associate Professor of Economics, Bowling Green State University, March 2007 to 2014

Assistant Professor of Economics, Bowling Green State University, August 2001 to April 2007

Assistant Professor, Economics, West Virginia State College, 1996 to 1997, 1998 to 2001

Assistant Professor, Economics, Accounting & Business, Muskingum College, August 1997 to August 1998

Senior Research Fellow, West Virginia Research League, 1996 to present

Temporary Instructor, Economics, Colorado State University, 1993-1996

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Economics, Colorado State University, 1991-1993





Bowling Green State University Libraries’ Artist and Authors Award, 2004

Who's Who in Social Sciences Higher Education, 2004



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