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July 2014

2014 Graduates

2014 graduates

Pictured left: Brett Mohler, Qianzhao Wang, Scott Zacharias, Chad Sumsion, Ethan Olenik, Kevin Fowler, Andrew Bohland, Jeremiah Rupp, Andrew Wallace

Dr. Sebastian Roelands Joins the Economics Department

Dr. Sebastian Roelands joined our department in the fall of 2013. Before joining the faculty member group at BGSU, he obtained his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Notre Dame in 2013. READ MORE...


Student Spotlight - Bethany Lemont

If you happen to be in Lansing this Fall, somewhere in the environs of the Michigan State Economics Department, you may well find a young woman solving complex economics problems. READ MORE...


Ryan Cook, Numismatist Extraordinaire

If you have watched Antiques Roadshow, you would know about the value of collectibles and wonder what it is like to handle something worth thousands or millions of dollars. READ MORE...


Experimental Economics and Social Dilemmas

Experimental economics is a subfield of economics whose methods are used to test not only (1) pure economic theory or decision-making principles but also (2) wide ranges of economic questions. READ MORE...

A Message from the Chair...

Hi! It's been a year since the last department newsletter and it is time to bring you up-to-date about the department, the College, and University. Since the last time I wrote, we have been keeping a steady level of majors. Overall, the numbers help us have a good class size for the upper level courses and our graduates are doing well in finding employment or graduate school. We just saw 19 undergraduate and 5 graduate students become alums at the spring commencement - see the article on Bethany Lemont and the graduation pictures inside the newsletter for some details about the group. READ MORE...


Dr. Mary Ellen Benedict
Chair, Economics Dept.

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2014 Masters Graduates

Pictured left: Yutian Lu, Max Funk, Stephen Cooper, Jordan Navin

Economics Alumni Reunion - Oct. 3, 2014