Entrepreneurship Club

Purpose:  The Entrepreneurship Club is an entrepreneurship network for students.  The Entrepreneurship Club informs, supports, and inspires college students to be creative thinkers and seek opportunity through enterprise creation.  The BGSU Entrepreneurship Club is ready to meet the demands of any student interested in entrepreneurship.  We know that every person has an entrepreneur inside of them; it’s time to be your own boss.  Some of the benefits are face to face contact with entrepreneurs and CEOs, opportunities to discuss entrepreneurial aspirations, network with other students and meet those who already own businesses, focus on real world entrepreneurial experiences through a variety of guest speakers and communicate on entrepreneurial topics.

Membership:  The Entrepreneurship Club is open to all undergraduate students enrolled full-time at BGSU and is sponsored by the Dallas-Hamilton Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.  Entrepreneurial spirit is a combination of ambition, the need to create, the taste for risk, the refusal of failure, relentless work, and dedication.

Faculty Advisor
Kirk Kern

Kourtney Greco

Membership Contact
Kyle Dickman