Business Students Spend Summer Gaining Valuable Real World Experience

It’s fairly typical for college students to return home for the summer to enjoy a backyard pool, relax in the sun, and catch up with friends and family. However, a number of our business students spent their summers taking on internships for companies located across the country. Several even spent time overseas in Asia.

Before Nick Grzebienik graduated, he worked for Pacific Logistics and spent time in Los Angeles as well as in Singapore and Shanghai. He spent a semester studying abroad at Hong Kong Baptist.

Here is Nick’s description of his unique internship in Asia...

“Because of my study abroad, I was able to set up an internship with a US-based company, that loved the fact that I had abroad experience. Pacific Logistics, the company I interned with, is a shipping company based out of Los Angeles, CA. While working with them I spent time in LA, Singapore, and Taiwan. My duties were to create and prepare shipments and the accompanying documents, while gaining knowledge from their overseas partners, and learning various tools of the trade. I learned a lot from this internship and was eager to get back overseas.

Overall, I have loved the past eight months of my college career - my study abroad in Hong Kong and my internship. The College has been very helpful in making the experience possible and guiding me through it. Having this experience has set me up for many more great overseas opportunities, and I am grateful that I had the chance to do it. I strongly recommend to anyone considering a semester abroad, or taking on an internship overseas, to not miss out on the fantastic experience. I am excited about completing my senior year and hope to continue my global experience in my career in business.”