The Hatch in 2013

The Falcon Hatchery in the Dallas-Hamilton Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership accepts applications each fall from all current BGSU undergraduate students to launch new business ventures as part of the event called "The Hatch." If your application is accepted, you will be paired with an alumni mentor and will prepare a presentation of your business idea to alumni investors.

Watch  2013's "The Hatch" 1-hour Program - aired on WBGU-TV

“The Falcon Hatchery provides students the opportunity to learn how to develop a business from successful mentors,” states Kirk D. Kern, Director of the Dallas-Hamilton Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership at BGSU. “We are incubating business ideas that will grow into student run enterprises in the future,” he adds.

More than 80 students submitted proposals last year, but only nine students were selected. “The College of Business is known for producing great entrepreneurs,” states Kern. “We want to bring these Falcon Hatchery students front and center in the community and help them grow businesses that support our local economy.”


"The Hatch" 2013 Recap Video

The investors provided a total of more than $100,000 to four of the students and their start-ups.

  • Krysten Jablonowski, Dorm Room Furniture Company - "Cribs on Campus"
  • Scott Hodges, Taco Food Truck Company – "Bueno Vida"
  • Kourtney Greco, Children’s Write-a-book
  • Hunter Bihn, Personal Sharps Container for Insulin Pen Needles

Students and mentors Reflect on a Great Experience

Here's the video journey of one Hatch participant. 

Eleven BGSU alumni spent weeks prior to "The Hatch," successfully preparing the students for their business presentations.

Corey Jones

Corey Jones is a junior in the College of Arts & Sciences, majoring in recording technology and video production through an individualized plan. Corey has always had a passion for hip-hop music and is fascinated by the culture, production, and impact it has on people, especially children. Through his idea of an Educational Rap Label, Corey hopes to infuse hip-hop music with education to have a positive impact on children’s learning. Eventually, he would like to see his business idea go to Disney as a cartoon series for children to watch and learn. In his free time, Corey enjoys writing and recording hip-hop music and playing basketball with friends.

Alex Baroudi

Alex Baroudi is a junior business student, specializing in management information systems (MIS) and information systems audit and control (ISAC). Alex’s idea for a Mediterranean food truck on BGSU’s campus stems from his family’s own Mediterranean restaurant. His goals for the food truck are simple; he hopes to create a successful restaurant that Bowling Green residents will love. By selling high quality food at a low price, Alex believes he can achieve this. He wants this food truck to become a landmark in BG, a place where everyone who comes to BG will want to come and eat. Alex then hopes to expand his food truck to several more college campuses.

Kyle Dickman

Kyle Dickman is a junior business student with a specialization in individualized business and a minor in entrepreneurship. Growing up, his family spent most of their summers on their houseboat on Norris Lake in Tennessee. It was here he developed a love for watersports, especially wakeboarding. Kyle’s idea of a Cable Park in Charlotte, North Carolina, would allow watersport enthusiasts to enjoy these activities without the need of a boat, which is often the most expensive part of watersports. Kyle’s goal is to make the Cable Park an attraction for wakeboard enthusiasts all over the world.

Kourtney Greco

Kourtney Greco is a freshman business student, specializing in accounting with a minor in entrepreneurship. Kourtney has always loved writing, and since the age of 11, she has written 5 novels and numerous poems. She someday hopes to become a successful author and so her idea of a rewritable children’s bedtime story is a way for children to foster their own creativity into bedtime stories they can share with family and friends. She has also recently found interest in sailing, and has since joined a J24 sailing crew. Sailing is a hobby Kourtney plans on enjoying for the rest of her life.

Krysten Jablonowski

Krysten Jablonowski is a fourth year student majoring in Computer Science. Krysten’s idea of a dorm room furniture company came to her as she and a friend were thinking about the hassle of moving their furniture into their residence hall. Krysten’s dorm room furniture company would sell the furniture, and would also move the furniture into a student’s dorm room to eliminate the hassle of having to move furniture by yourself. She would love to see her dorm room furniture company start in one location and expand to college towns around the country. In her spare time, Krysten enjoys playing clarinet and also loves camping, hiking, and archery.

Ashley Bonner

Ashley Bonner is a 5th year student majoring in music with a minor in arts management. Ashley’s idea of an Online Musician Database came from her love of music and education and is intended to give college musicians an opportunity to make their talents known as well as create an easy way for others to find out more information about these musicians. Ashley also hopes to someday start her own non-profit arts organization that focuses on inner city and low socio-economic students. The goals of her organization will be to provide an educational and an inspirational experience for students through music and the arts.

Scott Hodges

Scott Hodges is a senior majoring in individualized studies with a minor in marketing. Being from California, Scott’s idea of a taco food truck was inspired by the movement of food trucks sweeping through western coastal states. Being exposed to all kinds of foods through mobile vendors in California, combined with his love for cooking, is what motivated Scott to want to create a food truck of his own. Scott hopes to see his taco food truck business expand to several other college campuses in Ohio, and he would ultimately like to open up a string of successful restaurants, in addition to his food trucks. In his free time, Scott also enjoys playing competitive sports and sharpening his culinary skills.

Taylor Frazer

Taylor Frazer is a sophomore majoring in business management with a minor in entrepreneurship. As someone who often rents his school textbooks, Taylor wished someday he could temporarily mark in his textbooks and have it disappear before he returned his books at the end of semester. This is when he thought of an idea of a temporary highlighter that could be used without fear of permanently marking books. Taylor would eventually like to see his idea go into production and be sold nationwide. In his free time, Taylor is an avid reader who also enjoys traveling to new places and spending as much time with his family and friends as possible.