April 7, 2016

The Hatch 2015 Recap

2015 Hatch Event


With some additions in 2016, this event is gearing up to be the best yet!

Do you have an idea that will make a difference?
Interested in learning how to launch your own business?
Transform your idea into a successful venture!

Imagine how a new service or product could make lives better, easier or simply more fun? If you have such a vision or are interested in teaming up with BGSU students who do, The Hatch is your opportunity to start a company that can make a difference.  

You provide the idea, we provide the support to launch your business.  Throughout the spring semester, Hatchlings take an Applied Entrepreneurship class, work with a business mentor and meet with faculty members to teach the fundamentals of launching a business.

Great ideas need a lot of talent. The Hatch is also your opportunity to help bring great ideas to life by joining a team that needs assistance with marketing, technology or research.

The Hatch 2015-16 Semifinalists

"Universal Fingerprint Security"

A two-fold system of software being licensed out and a thumb-drive like scanner that will encrypt your fingerprints to be used as a way to log into an account online. This allows for users to log into a website by scanning their fingerprint (like you would to unlock your phone) instead of typing in a password.


Software to encrypt the finger prints and store them. I will also need this person to build software to read the encryption that will be licensed out to companies.

"The Honest Clay"

All vegan fertilizer made from legumes and other nutrients that is healthier, and cheaper than current commercial grades that saturate farming methods and use animal bone and blood. And are found, to contaminate into crops and lead to several kinds of diseases, including chronic and cancers.


Graphic design, math, statistics, finance, agriculture, business, chemistry and environmental biology.

"Design for Good"

Creating personal comforters for dementia patients to create a conversation between nurses, aids, residents and visitors. These reversible fully unique comforters will bring a home-like vibe to the resident as well as keep the brain stimulated and keep the resident engaged.

"The Smart Mirror"

The Smart Mirror can be placed in any clothing retailer to enhance the shopping experience of the customer. This product is equipped with features to estimate your bill, check current sales, provide item locations and can even recommend other items in the store to complete the customers' outfit.

"Find the Perfect Professor"

"The Idea" is a scheduling application that matches students to professors based on course structure. The application would also be used to help review the preferences of the entire student body to hire professors that would teach in a manner that coincides with the students.

"Smart Wallet"

A wallet phone case that will keep track of the customer's cards. There will be an app that will notify the customer when a card has not been placed in its proper spot within a limited amount of time.


Someone who works with RFID chips or something similar to the chip to help us track the cards.

"Glucose Monitoring Bracelets"

Create a noninvasive glucose reader that would notify the user if their glucose levels are too high or too low. This device would be worn on the user's wrist and would eliminate the need for finger pricking.

"Sustainable Container Homes"

My idea is to build safe, affordable shipping container homes.  The business model is designed similar to the Toms shoe company model. 


Dr. Khorshidifard in the School of Architecture and Engineering in regards to professional and technical assistance regarding my idea.

"TRAC Band" (Monitoring Bracelet)

A system that utilizes Bluetooth beacons to set up a GeoFence that will help pinpoint the location of individuals in a facility that are wearing a bracelet or ID Badge with a supported Bluetooth device inside it. The bracelets or ID Badges will be catered and customized for the need of each business such as patients in nursing homes, children in daycare centers, and visitors in office buildings and school systems.


The Idea is a unique photo sharing application, which allows users to post their pictures/selfies on electronic billboards for the whole world to see. The proposed product offers a refreshingly new social networking experience to the users by allowing them to express oneself through pictures.


Software architects and developers

"Biodegradable Nature Beads"

I am proposing a bio-friendly alternative to plastic microparticles, which are an important ingredient of many consumer products, but their use is being banned for to environmental reasons. My approach takes FDA-approved, food grade polysaccharides to turn them into uniform particles that can be commercialized as fillers, exfoliants, and even as vehicles for delivering active principles in cosmetic formulations.


Studying the market and selling the product

"No-Hassle Lofted Beds"

With an easy to use lofting system, this bed can transform a small, cramped dorm room into a more functional space by allowing a student to easily and quickly loft a bed to better utilize the space under the bed. Using a counter weight system, this bed easily turns a three to four-person job into a simple, and efficient one-person job.



"For Fifteen"

For fifteen dollars, artists can upload their work to the “For Fifteen” web application which displays that work, and solely that work, for fifteen minutes in a rolling queue.  Not only do artists receive maximum exposure for their creative work, but half of their uploading fee is donated to an arts foundation of their choosing.


Back-end web developers and computer science majors.

"Ice Away"

When blocks of ice/snow that has built up in car wheel wells falls off, it often leaves behind a slippery surface, in a garage, that can lead to injuries. My product prevents these injuries by catching the ice and snow that falls off of a car, in a garage, and draining it to a central reservoir.

"Mobile Surveillance Robot"

Our idea is an autonomous robot "rover" of sorts that will provide parking security/attendant services in large ticket-enforced parking lots. This rover will be equipped with a camera and recognition software along with real-time communication with parking security/services head quarters to instantly notify personnel of illegally parked vehicles or even other suspicious activity.


Dr. Mohammad Mayyas - faculty mentor

"Hybrid Gyroscope"

My idea is a hydraulic to mechanic to hydraulic gyroscope for use in a brake system for high end freestyle mountain bikes.


Assistance with drafting the model in AutoCad along with additional engineering assistance.

"College Online Organizer"

My service is an online organizer specifically for the college application process allowing students to select, organize and apply for colleges and scholarships. This involves combining resources, deadlines and important papers into one easy to navigate site with an application option.


Web and application development

"Play to Play"

My idea is a music reading, theory, and aural skills curriculum that is disguised as an active board game.


Graphic Design

"Local Sport Mobile Network"

A multi-platform national amateur sports network. Through the use of different internet tools (live stream, pod cast) I want to bring amateur sports from all over the country at the high school and club level to anyone with access to an electronic device. A key component involves establishing branches of the company in a variety of regions throughout the nation who will report local headlines back to headquarters where a "sportscenter" style broadcast will highlight what's going on all over the United States.


Website design, any form of broadcasting, knowledge of the entertainment business, finances/budgeting, and social media/advertisement.

"Study Crew App"

My idea is an app called Study Crew. It basically connects students together that are in the same university, major and courses. Student can chat in the app, form study groups, ask for help on homework and find out what they missed in class. The app also allows students in the same major to get to know each other.

How does The Hatch work?

  • Apply to The Hatch by submitting your business idea. Or, apply to become part of our talent pool and you could be selected to help one of our Hatchlings launch their business. Deadline to apply is October 26.
  • Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee and narrowed down to a group of semifinalists.
  • On November 12, a Scrambler will be held and semifinalists will pitch their ideas and receive feedback from students, faculty and area business leaders. The Scrambler event is also an opportunity for BGSU students wanting to team up with a semifinalist to pitch their skills during a speed-dating format. Semifinalists will be narrowed to a group of finalists.
  • Following the Scrambler, finalists will have two weeks to refine their idea and submit a revised application.
  • The selection committee will narrow the finalists to ten Hatchlings to pitch their idea at The Hatch on April 7, 2016.
  • The Hatchlings will each receive a scholarship to enroll in a three credit hour class, BA2010 Applied Entrepreneurship, during the 2016 spring semester.
  • Teams up of to three people may apply to The Hatch. If selected as a Hatchling Team, each member will receive a scholarship to enroll in applied entrepreneurship, during the 2016 spring semester.
  • Faculty members working with Hatchlings or Hatchling Teams as a Content Mentor will receive a $1,000 stipend toward their professional development fund.
  • Hatchlings or Hatchling Teams receiving investor support at The Hatch will receive a stipend to work on their ideas during the summer of 2016.


The Hatch 2015-16 Schedule

The Hatch applications due  
October 26
Semifinalists announced 
November 2
Scrambler event 
November 12
Revised applications due
November 23
Hatchlings/Hatchling Teams Announced 
December 2
The Hatch 2016! April 7, 2016


The Hatch is a unique opportunity for students to pitch a business idea to Falcon investors seeking funding for their business. Our program format is similar to the television show, Shark Tank.

Applications are available at bgsu.edu/thehatch and are due by 5 p.m. on October 26.

Yes, teams of up to three people can apply.

Register your talent at bgsu.edu/thehatch. You’ll then be invited to attend the Scrambler event where the project leads will pitch their ideas and give you an opportunity to join their teams.

On November 12, semifinalists will pitch their ideas and receive feedback from students, faculty and area business leaders. This is also an opportunity for BGSU students who want to team up with a semifinalist to pitch their skills during a speed-dating format.

Finalists will be notified via email.

The Hatch is open to all BGSU undergraduate and graduate students.

Yes, new this year, graduate students are eligible to apply.

Each Hatchling or Hatchling team member receives a scholarship for the three-credit course.

Hatchlings or Hatchling Teams receiving investor support at The Hatch will receive a stipend to work on their ideas during the summer of 2016.

Business mentors consist of successful BGSU alumni who have expertise in the Hatchlings' field of business.

It’s okay to submit more than one idea but only one can be be selected as a finalist.

Yes! However, if your idea is chosen to move forward, you must drop out from the other team.

No, you are only able to participate with one team.