Register Your Internship or Co-op

You have 2 options to register your internship or co-op: COOP 50 or BA 4890:




  • Pay no tuition
  • Keep full-time student status
  • Official notation on transcript (attractive to employers)
  • Provide data that will help future BGSU students


  1. Log-in to your WorkNet account
  2. In menu at right, click “Register your internship/co-op (co-op 50) experience here”
  3. Click the “Add New Experience” button
  4. Fill-in your information and click “Submit >”

OPTION #2: BA 4890



  • Earn three (3) credit hours towards your degree completion  (tuition rates apply, details/rates can be found with Bursar Office)
  • Internship/co-op must be at least 1 semester in length, registered at/during time of employment. Must register each semester you wish to earn credit.
  • Gain access to positions reserved only for credit-bearing employer programs
  • Provide valuable data for future BGSU students

BA 4890 - Business Internship Seminar

Career: Undergraduate
Units: 3.00
Grading Basis: S/U Student Option
Academic Group: College of Business Admin
Academic Organization: College of Business Admin
Applied experience for College of Business students working in pre-approved internships or co-op programs. Program must be approved in advance by Business Career Accelerator (via online application) and/or that student's advisor. Written report and additional documentation required (via Canvas). No credit for students with other internship credit in the College of Business Administration. Hours cannot be applied to any specialization. Work experience must be completed prior to graduation and during the semester said work experience occurs. Graded S/U, may be repeated up to 3 times.

  1. Perform all job duties according to your employer's instructions. 
  2. Credit is earned/granted only during the semester worked.
  3. Can only be completed over 1 semesters' time, repeatable up to 3 times.
  4. Must be an admitted BGSU student, in a degree-granting program.
  5. Must work a minimum of 120 hours during 1 semester.
  6. Job duties must be related to major or specialization.
  7. Submit a photo of you performing a task at your internship/co-op (via Canvas)
  8. Answer 21 Reflective Questions (via Canvas)
  9. Submit a final evaluation of the course (online)
  10. Make BGSU proud and learn!
  • Integrate the academic program with employment in business through connected learning.
  • Clarify academic areas of study and personal career goals, enabling an accurate career plan.
  • Provide a link to professional markets, improving post-graduation job opportunities.
  • Attain a sense of responsibility and dependence on personal judgments, increasing maturity.
  • Understand multiple perspectives and increase skills in communication and human relations.
  • Become oriented to professional work culture and procedures, building effective and ethical business practices.
  • Foster an awareness of entrepreneurship.
  • Learn the seriousness and benefits of life and self-purpose through career engagement.