Internships & Co-ops


BGSU College of Business students have a distinct advantage when they complete 1 (or more) of the many internships and co-ops available in their industries.  The Business Career Accelerator specifically targets the business specializations to help students secure these opportunities.

  • To integrate the student’s academic program with on-the-job training, enhancing classroom learning.
  • To clarify the students area of study and career goals.
  • To provide students with a link to their professional markets, improving post-graduation job opportunities.
  • To examine relationships between theory and practice as observed in the workplace.
  • To increase student’s academic and career motivation, enthusiasm and ambition.
  • To gain a greater sense of responsibility for student’s efforts, dependence on their judgments and a development of maturity.
  • To increase understanding of other people and increased skills in human relations.
  • To become established and oriented in the world of professional work and develop an awareness to entrepreneurship.
  • To develop good work habits and enhance student’s problem solving skills.
  • To learn the seriousness of life and purpose which is often denied the traditional college student.
  • Over 70% of business students complete at least 1 internship or co-op. 
  • Business students are highly recruited by companies from every state and many different countries. 
  • Students can find help with us, the Business Career Accelerator Help Page, or in our office, BA 264.
  • Over 90% of employers say they would hire the student as a permanent employee after graduation.
"As an intern at Marathon Oil, I was able to work side by side with business professionals and utilize the information that I had learned in the classroom to deliver real world solutions to real world business problems. My time as an intern was a great learning experience.  When I returned to Bowling Green State University, I was able to relate the concepts being taught by my professors to the real world experience that I had gained over the summer."
-Brett Scodova
"Personally, I am very appreciative to the BGSU Supply Chain Management program for the excellent education and purchasing preparation that has allowed me to be successful at Honda of America Mfg.   BGSU Supply Chain Management is one of a limited number of programs that fully prepares students for the purchasing environment.  Based on a strong academic force and the application of actual case studies, student graduates are able to contribute immediately to their new employer." 
Pam Heminger, Sr. Manager
North America Procurement
Honda of America Mfg., Inc.