FIT Certification


We have developed an online system designed to prepare our students for the highest level of professionalism when engaging and interviewing with employers.  This new system is titled “FIT Certification” (Finest Individual Talent), administered via Canvas (BGSU’s online course system) and verified by Career Accelerator staff. 

FIT Certification is required for all Freshman to complete their Freshman year, or prior to their first job interview, whichever occurs first.  For all other students, FIT Certification is optional, but highly encouraged.  FIT Certification can be requested by any employer as a prerequisite to a job interview.

The FIT Certification Advantage

  • Provides professional etiquette and interviewing skills.
  • Allows you to participate in on-campus interviews.

Student Criteria to earn FIT Certificate

  1. Approved Resume and Cover Letter
  2. Completion of all modules and all quizzes passed
  3. Complete by end of Fresh. year or before 1st interview (whichever occurs first)


  1. Login to Canvas (via MyBGSU) 
  2. Under “Courses & Groups”, click “Business Career Accelerator FIT Certification”
  3. Follow the instructions provided.