Philosophy Statement

The Department of Applied Statistics and Operations Research provides instruction, conducts research and performs professional service in two quantitative areas essential for modern decision making. The vitality of this Department lies in its desire to be responsive and sensitive to the instructional, research and professional service needs of students and faculty from all departments within the College of Business Administration, the University, and professionals outside the University. We view ourselves as a resource providing assistance in Statistics and Operations Research through our teaching, research and service.

In teaching, we strive to refine the students' quantitative reasoning skills and contribute to their knowledge and understanding of Statistics and Operations Research. We emphasize the intelligent use of Statistics and Operations Research, the ability to communicate results clearly and concisely, and the need to approach problems with creativity and common sense. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the overall intellectual growth of the students and to produce graduates capable of independent and critical thinking, prepared to realize their full potential and play a leadership role in society.

While the Department encourages all academic research that advances the knowledge in the disciplines of Statistics and Operations Research, it considers contributions to the applications of these disciplines to be its primary mission. We encourage our faculty to expand and apply their knowledge through independent research and through collaboration with, and professional service to, researchers in other disciplines in the College of Business Administration and the University. The Department also values contributions of a theoretical nature in the disciplines of Statistics and Operations Research because a strong background in and understanding of the theoretical foundations of these disciplines are essential to be effective in their applications.

The Department desires to be a valuable resource to the College of Business Administration and the University through professional service to researchers in other disciplines who use Statistics and Operations Research as tools in their research. We treat outreach activity as professionally valuable and will reward this activity as it contributes to teaching, research, and/or service.