Mission Statement

The Department of Applied Statistics and Operations Research at Bowling Green State University exists to support the academic mission and philosophy of the College of Business Administration and the University by:

  • educating students in quantitative reasoning, disseminating knowledge from the disciplines of Statistics and Operations Research, and promoting their use in all disciplines;
  • bringing the latest methodologies of quantitative decision making from the disciplines of Statistics and Operations Research to the undergraduate and graduate programs in the College of Business Administration;
  • preparing students in the MS (Applied Statistics) and MS in Applied Stat with a Specialization in Operations Research for successful careers in Statistics and Operations Research;
  • promoting the creation of new knowledge in the disciplines of Statistics and Operations Research;
  • assisting those who require help in the disciplines of Statistics and Operations Research through the Center for Business Analytics and other means, and by
  • nurturing the personal and professional development of all that participate in our academic activities and scholarly endeavors.

We strive to develop a learning environment that stimulates intellectual curiosity, enhances critical thinking, develops quantitative reasoning and problem solving skills, encourages ethical behavior, develops communication skills and leadership ability. We are committed to offering programs that attract qualified students, to educating those students in both the theory and the practice of Statistics and Operations Research, graduating students who are well prepared to begin careers in Business Administration, Statistics and Operations Research and able to achieve continuous personal and professional growth through lifelong learning.

Our faculty members strive for excellence in teaching through continuous improvement of our courses and programs and by being open to new ideas in pedagogy in order to provide the best possible education to all students. Our faculty members strive to be productive researchers, particularly research of an applied nature, through collaborative research in functional areas of business and other disciplines. Our faculty members also strive to provide service to the university community, and to the professions of Statistics and Operations Research at the local, regional and national levels.

We believe that professional service or outreach is a major component of the disciplines of Statistics and Operations Research. We are committed to providing guidance and assistance to people outside our Department, College, or University who require assistance with Statistics and Operations Research.