Renting Textbooks

Falcon Outfitters was the first in Ohio to offer the rental textbooks in the spring of 2008. Today, in store rental selection has expanded with the Spring 2014 addition of Kiosk Rentals that expanded our rentals offerings to 80-90% of our title list. A direct link on the student’s book list on their class schedule allows students to search for additional rental options online. Students are advised to view their book list from their class schedule to see if they have books available to rent in store, and to shop early for best selection.

In store, rental books are rented at up to 70% off the new book price. Students can highlight in the books and still sell them back at the end of the semester. When the in-store rental book is returned by the due date, in good condition, there is no other cost. Failure to return by the due date, or returned in unusable condition, the student is then responsible for the replacement cost for the in store rental program, or the difference between the rental price and the retail price with Kiosk Rentals. When renting online, check current terms regarding late fees, lost or damaged books when placing your order.    

For a copy of the textbook rental agreement click here.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.