Bachelor of Arts in Communication Specializing in Performance Studies

This degree is well-suited for theatre students who already have a more defined career focus. The course of study is intensive and provides a strong foundation in a specialized area of theatre. The BAC in Theatre with a Specialization in Performance Studies degree focuses on a contemporary shift among scholars to consider "performance" as something more than only acting or singing on a stage. Coursework will focus on how performance occurs in everyday life, as well as in film.

This degree includes 70 hours of coursework outside of the department, as well as a core theatre curriculum and a specialized course of study. Instead of a minor, each BAC major must fulfill a support field requirement. This support field requirement can be met by courses chosen by the student and approved by that student's theatre department advisor.

All BAC in Theatre students, regardless of their specialization, must take the following core courses:

  • Production Practicum (six hours)
  • Major Event (two semesters)
  • Script Analysis
  • Theatre History & Literature: Origins-1700s
  • Theatre History & Literature: 1700s-Present
  • Period, Style & Form
  • Senior Seminar

Performance Studies Specialization:

Must take:

  • Acting: Principles
    OR Creative Dramatics
  • Directing
    OR Cont. Issues
  • Performance Studies II
  • Introduction to Folklore & Folklife (Department of Popular Culture)

Choose two from:

  • Basic Scenery Construction
  • Basic Costume Construction
  • Basic Lighting and Sound
  • Drafting, Drawing and Graphics

 Must take: 

  • Studies in Literature & Film (Department of English)
  • Introduction to Film (Department of Theatre & Film)

Plus a four course (9 hours) support field from outside the Department of Theatre & Film.