Majors and Checksheets

Checksheets list degree requirements for each major in the college. A signed copy of a checksheet is referred to as a junior audit and should be completed in consultation with a faculty advisor when a student has earned over 60 and less than 90 credit hours. Links will open in a new browser window.

Bachelor of Arts Degree  
Africana Studies History
American Culture Studies Individualized Planned Program (instructions)
Art, Digital Arts International Studies
Art, Two-Dimensional Studies Latin
Art, Three-Dimensional Studies Mathematics
Art History Music
Asian Studies Philosophy
Classical Civilization Political Science
Communication Popular Culture
Computer Science Psychology
  -Business Systems Specialization Russian
Economics Sociology
English Spanish
Environmental Policy & Analysis    -Latin American Culture Studies Emphasis
Ethnic Studies Statistics
Film Telecommunications
French Theatre
Geography Undecided
Geology Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Communication  
Bachelor of Fine Arts  
Art Education, Three-Dimensional Studies Graphic Design
Art Education, Two-Dimensional Studies Three-Dimensional Studies
Creative Writing Two-Dimensional Studies
Digital Arts  
Bachelor of Liberal Studies  
Bachelor of Liberal Studies  
Bachelor of Science  
Biology Geology
   - Ecology & Conservation Biology Specialization    - Paleobiology Specialization
   - Forenics Individualized Planned Program
   - Marine & Aquatic Biology Specialization Mathematics
Chemistry     - Actuarial Science Specialization
   - Biochemistry Specialization     - Applied Mathematics Specialization
   - Forenics Microbiology
Computer Science Neuroscience
   - Business Systems Specialization Physics
   - GIS Specialization Psychology
Environmental Science  Statistics
Bachelor of Science in Fire Administration  
Fire Administration  
Bachelor of Science in Journalism  
Broadcast Journalism  
Print Journalism  
Public Relations