Undergraduate News

Flynn and Knoop Present Research Posters at Undergraduate Research Symposium
Ryan Flynn and Courtney Knoop, working closely with Professors Ray Swisher, Danielle Kuhl, and Jorge Chavez on the NIH grant, Neighborhood Change and Violence in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood, presented research posters during the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. The grant, with respect to public health, focuses on changes in youth violence. The students use Add Health Data to support their research questions.

Ryan Flynn

Courtney Knoop

Knoop, Trauth-Jurman, and Kunkel Inducted into the Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD) International Sociology Honor Society
Congratulations to Courtney Knoop, Danielle Trauth-Jurman, and Autumn Kunkel ​on earning this honor. Danielle and Courtney are graduating seniors, while Autumn returns next year, and we hope to involve her in further developing our local chapter.
Knoop and Santana Receive 2013-2014 Outstanding Sociology Major Award
Courtney Knoop and Julio Santana are winners of the Dr. Aida Tomeh Memorial Scholarship. Courtney has been assisting Associate Professors Ray Swisher and Jorge Chavez and Assistant Professor Danielle Kuhl with NIH supported research this year, and has also been working as an intern with Maritz Research. Julio has been an active volunteer in the BG community, and in his role as an RA, he has been involved in campus service, creating and conducting workshops on race, and diversity more generally. Both are wonderful representatives for our undergraduate program.
Trauth-Jurman and Knoop Participate in Undergraduate Research Symposium
Representing the sociology department at this year's university-wide research symposium are Danielle Trauth-Jurman and Courtney Knoop. Both present their senior honors thesis; Danielle presents The Story of Delray: A Case Study on Environmental and Restorative Justice in Detroit, while Courtney presents Neighborhood Disorganization and Weight: Structural Factors Affecting Adolescent Obesity.
Williams and Tuvell Receive 2012-2013 Undergraduate Sociology Awards  
Seth Williams received the Dr. Aida Tomeh Memorial Scholarship for outstanding graduating senior. He was presented this award at the College of Arts And Sciences' annual awards ceremony with Dr. Susan Brown as his favorite professor and his parents in attendance. Williams also earned a Friends of the Library research award for a paper he wrote under Dr. Brown's supervision. Additionally, Caleb Tuvell was recognized as this year's Outstanding Sociology Major.
Moorman, Tuvell, Volpe, & Williams Initiated into Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD)
Chelsie Moorman, Caleb Tuvell, Chelsie Volpe, and Lindsay Williams were initiated into the AKD sociology honor society in the spring of 2012.
Blaine, Thompson, Adams, & Moorman Receive 2011-2012 Sociology Awards
Nicholas Blaine and Theresa Thompson received the Dr. Aida Tomeh Award for outstanding graduate senior; Sara C. Adams received the Dr. Joseph Kivlin Memorial Scholarship for outstanding rising junior; and Chelsie A. Moorman received the Theresa Delorto Memorial Scholarship for outstanding rising senior.