The Photography area within the Studio Division offers students the opportunity to discover a way of seeing that serves them in their search for personal vision. Students are taught to observe the world more closely, to appreciate its nuances, ironies, and contradictions using both film- based and digital tools. Through the photographic medium students develop a viewpoint from which to make informed and passionate choices.

Our curriculum emphasizes proficiency in analog and digital production. At the introductory level, students are introduced to 35 mm film cameras, darkroom printing fundamentals and photographic history. They   develop critical thinking skills through critiques and are introduced to contemporary trends through slide lectures.  At the intermediate and advanced levels, students are offered a selection of courses to further deepen their technical skills and awareness of contemporary practice. Students explore color film, digital output, medium and large format film cameras, and alternative processes. With this broad base, students find their way to subject and the means by which that subject is best expressed. Weekly discussions, technical demonstrations, critiques, visiting artists, lectures, and field trips challenge and support students’ ongoing research that culminates in the production of a body of work for their capstone, the BFA Senior Thesis Exhibition.

As photography majors, students develop art skills and learn to express themselves visually through the development of images. Throughout their study, students acquire valuable problem solving skill that enable them to pursue further study in art as well as enter the work force in many different capacities. Some students pursue careers in the commercial world, working in photography studios, while others move on to earn graduate degrees after their BFA experience in photography. 


The '2-D Artist's Association (2-DAA) has been recently organized to advance the study and promotion of two-dimensional artist and their work. Field trips, visiting artists, workshops and common cause issues are all part of the agenda. All students in drawing, painting and print are encouraged to participate.

Toledo Friends of Photography

Toledo Friends of Photography is a dedicated group of art photographers and professionals who are committed to promoting fine art photography in the northern Ohio region.

Society for Photographic Education

Students have the opportunity to become involved and possibly become members of the Society for Photographic Education. This organization sponsors annual conferences at the national level.

Midwest Society for Photographic Education is a regional organization that students may choose to get involve with. 

Ross Mazzupappa

Ross Mazzupappa

Position: Instructor, Photography & Printmaking
Phone: 419-372-3891
Email: rjmazzu@bgsu.edu
Address: 103 FAC


Position: Adjunct Instructor, Photography
Email: cridgwa@bgsu.edu
Address: 116A FAC


Lynn Whitney

Position: Associate Professor, Area Head, Photography, Division Chair, Studio
Phone: 419-372-8380
Email: lynnhwh@bgsu.edu
Address: 1225 FAC

The photography facility is comprised of a spacious enlarging room supporting 15 Saunders LPL D6700 Dichroic color enlargers and 6 Saunders 4550 LPL Dichroic enlargers for printing color and black-and-white 35mm , 120mm and 4x5 negatives.A circular light safe door facilitates its access from the main area where washing and finishing prints, film processing and general discussions take place.

The photography program supports a modest studio equipped with electronic strobes, incandescent lights, soft boxes, backdrops, and a camera stand that students may access after classes and on weekends with the permission of an instructor. Students are expected to acquire their own 35 mm film camera for the introductory Black and white class and which will support them as they make progress through the program. We supply Mamiya 645 s and Calumet 4x5 cameras for our large format and advanced level students.

Our program and facilities are dedicated to evolving into contemporary practice. A 15- station computer lab designed to the specifications required of photography students supports two film scanners, an Epson 9900 large format printer capable of printing 44" inches wide, and two 17" wide printers. This technology serves students regardless of their proficiency or preference for film or digital capture, and demonstrates our commitment to evolving technology and standards within the photographic medium.

A general classroom, shared with the Printmaking area, is used as a lecture room, studio lighting space clean workroom, and critique area. 

Photography Club

Photo Club's mission is to enhance the learning experience of photo students specifically. In addition they extend their presence beyond the School of Art to other departments who have a keen interest in fine art photography. They raise money by exhibiting and selling work, operating bake sales, and participating in ArtsXtravaganza among other things. The fundraising that they do goes to bringing in visiting artists, allowing them to be able to afford equipment, and to attend conferences/trips. In the past Photo Club has gone to New Orleans and Philadelphia. This Fall 2016 semester they are planning to visit Chicago and also Orlando for a photographic educators conference. Photo Club recently brought in visiting artist Jess Dugan, a successful photographer of transgender people. On top of all of this the members of Photo Club like to do community building such as watching films together and planning print exchanges between one another.