Painting and Drawing


The Drawing/Painting Area offers students the opportunity to explore a wide range of media while emphasizing a working knowledge of materials, technique and the use of color. The understanding and application of these elements in the development of a visual vocabulary and the ability to express oneself in an intelligible and expressive manner are given a high priority. As students progress, critical thinking and creative problem solving take precedence. 

Although the rich traditions of drawing and painting are promoted throughout the curriculum, students are fully exposed to contemporary artists and issues. Since the act of drawing or painting can be viewed as holding distinct characteristics, classes with separate content are offered in the beginning and intermediate stages of the program. Yet we also acknowledge and encourage the potential for a symbiotic if not synergistic relationship between drawing and painting in which one informs and heightens the expressive capabilities of the other. It is in the advanced classes that these distinctions are blurred. Students are afforded a great deal of freedom to explore ideas and interests supplemented with weekly discussions, readings, and assignments in preparation and support for the challenge of producing the body of work required for the BFA Thesis Exhibition. 

Students are encouraged to take classes in the areas of photo, prints and digital imaging, not only to enrich their experience with 2-D media but as a way of presenting the opportunity to engage an interdisciplinary approach to their work. At its best, the Drawing/Painting Area is a fertile environment for arriving at tangible results in the process of self-discovery.

Drawing/Painting courses are taught in spacious, modern studios within the Fine Arts Center. The main studio measures over 2,500 square feet. Two more studios, each half in size, sit adjacent and along with graduate studios make up the Drawing/Painting wing. All rooms boast north light and high ceilings and are furnished with the tools, materials and equipment necessary for a productive work environment. The woodshop contains all of the power tools necessary for building stretchers, panels and frames.  


2-DAA (2-D Artist's Association) is a student organization dedicated to creating alternative study and promotional opportunities for 2-D art students, especially those involved with painting and drawing (although all School of Art students are welcome). Field trips to Chicago and New York took place last year. This year Chicago and Washington are on the agenda. Visiting artists invited by the club give students the opportunity to meet and work with regional and national artists. Workshops, socials, exhibitions and fund-raisers are also part of the rich experience of being a club member. 

Mike Arrigo

Michael Arrigo

Position: Professor, Coordinator, First Year Program
Phone: 419-372-9320
Email: marrigo@bgsu.edu
Address: 104 FAC

Brandon Briggs

Brandon Briggs

Position: Instructor, Painting
Phone: 419-372-4550
Email: bmbrigg@bgsu.edu
Address: 127 FAC

Mille Guildbeck

Mille Guldbeck

Position: Professor, Painting, Graduate Coordinator
Phone: 419-372-9319
Email: guld@bgsu.edu
Address: 116B FAC

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Phil Hazard

Position: Adjunct Instructor, Painting
Phone: 419-327-7747
Email: hazardp@bgsu.edu
Address: 1108 FAC

Charles Kanwischer

Charles Kanwischer

Position: Professor, Drawing, Acting Director
Phone: 419-372-2786
Email: ckanwis@bgsu.edu
Address: 1004 FAC

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Krista Richey

Position: Adjunct Instructor, First Year Program, Drawing & Painting
Phone: 419-372-7747
Email: krichey@bgsu.edu
Address: 1108 FAC


Gordon Ricketts

Position: Senior Lecturer, Drawing & Painting
Email: gordonr@bgsu.edu

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Jessica Summers

Position: Adjunct Instructor, Painting
Phone: 419-372-7747
Email: mccunej@bgsu.edu
Address: 1108 FAC

dennis wojtkiewicz

Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Position: Professor, Area Head, Painting
Phone: 419-372-2609
Email: dwojtki@bgsu.edu
Address: 114 FAC

All classes in the Painting and Drawing Area are designed to impart conceptual and analytical skills applicable to a range of professional careers and diverse fields of study. Many students completing the BFA Degree in Painting and Drawing elect to continue their studio training in graduate school in preparation for a career as a studio artist.

Students graduating from BGSU have been accepted to outstanding MFA programs throughout the country. However, graduates are not limited solely to a career as a professional artist. Others have pursued career paths that include architecture, landscape and environmental architecture, graphic design, commercial and medical illustration, as well as film animation.