Sound/Sculpture Exhibition


Harry Bertoia, Nathalie Miebach

and the BGSU Gamelan

Friday, September 9 -- October 18

Willard Wankelman Gallery

Sponsored in part by Ohio Arts Council and BGSU Ethnic Cultural Arts Program


In celebration of the repair and reinstallation of our magnificent Bertoia Tonal Sculpture in the Gallery Sculpture Garden, this exhibition brings together three sound/sculpture variations. A series of monoprints by pioneering sound sculptor Harry Bertoia (1915-1978) provide a visual sense of the musicality that pervaded his sculpture. Nathalie Miebach constructs colorful carefully-plotted woven sculptures that interpret weather events and can be read as musical scores. BGSU’s Kusuma Sari Balinese Gamelan– an Indonesian orchestra of percussion instruments built and tuned to stay together as a set and used to relate historical dramas – is the final component. These elements come together to celebrate the ways we interpret, understand and appreciate events and experiences through multiple senses.


Kusuma Sari Balinese Gamelan,SoundSculptureExhibition,2014

ARTalks, Performances & the Opening of the BGSU New Music Festival | 6 p.m.

• Introduction by Celia Bertoia
• ARTalk by Nathalie Miebach
• Performance of Miebach's Hurricane Noel as interpreted by BGSU student composer Cory Kasprzyk and played by the BGSU Combustible Arts Ensemble under the direction of Tom Rosenkranz
• Gamelan performance
• Q & A with the performers, followed by the Opening Reception

Harry Bertoia's Tonal Sculpture in the Fine Arts Center Sculpture Garden
Nathalie Miebach,11HurricaneNoel