La Maison Francaise or The French House

Bienvenue! Welcome!

NEW: We will be moving to Kohl Hall in Fall 2014!

Because La Maison represents one of the smaller living-learning communities on campus, each resident is acknowledged as an essential participant, and the emphasis on community is very important.

La Maison Française is a residential learning community where students interested in French can live and be surrounded by the language and cultures of the Francophone world. Located opposite the Oaks dining center, La Maison Française is designed to house 14 undergraduate male and female students. Live-in staff include a Resident Advisor and a Cultural Director from Tours, France. La Maison is also an ideal gathering place for students and faculty from the BGSU community who are interested in French and Francophone cultures.

French House Video
French House Application (pdf format)

Pour nous contacter/To contact us:

La Maison Française

708 Ridge Street
Bowling Green, OH 43403

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Jennifer Wolter

130 Shatzel Hall
Bowling Green, OH 43403