Graduate Studies in French


Graduate French Studies: Overview

BGSU has, unfortunately, also been affected by the state-wide and national reduction of funding for education in the humanities. We do have the 2-year Master's in French program on the books, but for the next while, it is unlikely that funding will be made available for tuition scholarships or assistantship stipends. In light of these financial constraints, we have proposed and been authorized to offer a Graduate Certificate in French for Professsionals and Educators. The program was just approved late in fall semester 2014.

French Certificate
French Certificate 2
"We're Currently Under Construction"

Students pursuing their Master of Arts in French with BGSU typically spend their first year abroad in  Tours, France, or in some cases, Quebec City, Canada, then complete their degree requirements with a second year on campus in  Bowling Green, Ohio. In exceptional cases, some students can complete the entire degree on campus. For licensed teachers, we also offer a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) that combines courses in French and Education. Students who seek to develop broader areas of expertise are invited to apply for our Dual MA degree programs, currently offered with Spanish, German, History, and, most recently, Political Science. Dual degrees generally take 3 years to complete and involve 1 year of study abroad for each language. Applicants must meet admissions requirements and be accepted into both programs.  In 2014, the French M.A. program became part of the Paul D. Coverdell Peace Corps Fellows Program for returning Peace Corps volunteers.  Part-time students are invited to combine studies on campus with one or two summers in France on a teacher-friendly schedule.

By the end of the M.A./M.A.T. program in French, students are able to discuss critically and analytically, both orally and in writing, a variety of topics related to the French language as well as Francophone cultures and literatures. They can demonstrate advanced competence in the French language and familiarity with the theoretical issues and research tools in the broad fields of literature, culture and linguistics from France and the Francophone world. By acquiring these skills we believe that our students become well prepared as global citizens and well equipped to succeed in a wide variety of careers that require sophisticated communication skills, cultural understanding, and critical thinking.

N.B.; Students at the M.A. level who are enrolled in a different university are welcome to participate in our study-abroad programs in Tours—either for one or two semesters or during the summer.


Our graduates have gone on to a wide array of rewarding careers, including:

  • Teaching Careers at the high school, community college & university levels, some abroad;
  • International Careers like study abroad administration & teaching English abroad;
  • Business Tracks such as careers in banking, economics & international business;
  • Service Opportunities such as the Peace Corps;
  • Ph.D. Programs in Literature, Linguistics, 2nd Language Acquisition & Cultural Studies. Recent graduates have gone on to:
    • Ohio State
    • Nantes Graduate School of Management (France)
    • Penn State
    • U of Colorado-Boulder
    • U of Florida
    • U of Michigan
    • U of Ottawa (Canada)
    • U of Wisconsin-Madison


"Currently Under Construction"

36 credit hours of coursework at the graduate level, 19 of which must be taken on the BGSU campus or from BGSU graduate faculty abroad. Note: courses from professors at l’Institut de Touraine or l’Université François-Rabelais do not count toward those 19 credits. Please contact the graduate coordinator for information about the exchange with l’Université Laval; the Study Abroad program in Québec is currently under revision.



For students interested in a teaching career, the second year spent on the BGSU campus makes possible the exploration of contemporary approaches to teaching through the course, “Second-Language Teaching Methods” (FREN 6010) and, on a competitive basis, the opportunity to teach over two semesters one’s own elementary French course while being supervised by a faculty member serving as T.A. Coordinator. We work with novice and experienced Teaching Assistants to ensure that by the end of the program each TA is prepared and confident with up-to-date language teaching methodologies.

Presenting at Professional Conferences

Academic Conferences: BGSU supports students interested in presenting their academic work in conferences or publishing in journals. Possible venues for presenting research are OFLA (the Ohio Foreign Languages Association) and the regional MLA (Modern Language Association) conferences, such as the Northeast MLA (NEMLA) or the Midwest MLA (MMLA), among others.