Developmental Psychology

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Our doctoral program provides a challenging, yet supportive environment in which students can acquire a strong foundation in theory, research, and methodology in developmental psychology across the life span. In collaboration with a diverse faculty, students actively engage in an individualized program of study. The training students receive prepares them for careers in either academic or applied settings.  Graduate Brochure (pdf)

Research Programs and Faculty

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Dr. Marie Tisak

Position: Program Head - Child and Adolescent

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Dr. Yiwei Chen

Position: Adult Development and Aging

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Dr. Dara Musher-Eizenman

Position: Child and Adolescent

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Dr. John Tisak

Position: Developmental Methodology

Current Graduate Students

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Allison Kiefner

Position: 4th Year
Email: akiefne@bgsu.edu

M.A., Bowling Green State University

B.S., Eastern Kentucky University

I work with Dara Musher-Eizenman primarily in the research areas of parental feeding practices and child body image. My personal research deals primarily with child/adolescent body image and its relation to gender and the media. I am also interested in how parenting practices differ by child gender socialization. I also work with Yiwei Chen and Marie Tisak in their research labs. I am an undergraduate instructor of developmental psychology classes and absolutely love teaching BG students!

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Robert Kirk

Position: 3rd Year
Email: rkirk@bgsu.edu

M.A., Cleveland State University

B.A., Bowling Green State University

My primary research focus lies in psychological well-being across adulthood. I’m interested in the underlying mechanisms which promote optimal psychological aging through the study of self-concordance and goal attainment. How can we help people make ideal life choices based on their personalities and abilities? Answering this question is one of the fundamental goals of my graduate work at BGSU.

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Amy Storfer-Isser

Position: 3rd Year
Email: astorfe@bgsu.edu

M.A., University of Toronto

B.A., Oberlin College

My primary research interests are in childhood and adolescent obesity, including parent feeding practices, psychosocial correlates of obesity, and weight bias/stigma. My preliminary project and dissertation research examine parent factors that may impact the nutritional quality, physical activity and weight status of preschool-aged children. I am also interested in psychometrics (e.g., item response theory, factor analysis, scale development), as well as latent growth curve modeling to examine longitudinal changes in BMI during childhood and adolescence.

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Erin Baker

Position: 2nd Year
Email: ebaker@bgsu.edu

M.S., Morehead State University

B.S., Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

My research interests are primarily related to social cognition in preschoolers, including: attachment, theory of mind, social information processing skills, aggression, emotional regulation, and gender stereotypes held by preschoolers. I'm heavily involved with Dr. Marie Tisak's research lab, focusing on adjudicated adolescents and their views of violence and safety. My prelim research is aimed at better understanding the development of social cognition (i.e., Theory of Mind) in concert with various forms of aggression in preschoolers. I’m also involved with Dr. Carolyn Tompsett’s research group, focusing on community interventions for at-risk youths.

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David Wang

Position: 2nd Year
Email: jwang@bgsu.edu

B.A., Shawnee State University

My research focuses mostly on the cognitive differences between younger and older adults, including differences in decision making strategies, effects of emotion regulation differences in cognition, and general developmental patterns of cognition in adults.

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Jenna M. Marx

Position: 1st Year Child Clinical
Email: jmmarx@bgsu.edu

M.S., Sacred Heart University

B.A., Washington University in St. Louis

My research interests are primarily focused on eating and weight disorder prevention/intervention and health promotion. I am involved with Dr. Dara Musher-Eizenman's Early Child Development lab, focusing on parental feeding practices and eating habits of preschoolers, as well as with Dr. Robert Carels' Healthy Living lab, focusing on development and implementation of a successful weight loss intervention for adults. My prelim research is aimed at better understanding of food culture in youth athletics.

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Yisheng Peng

Position: 1st Year
Email: pengy@bgsu.edu

M.S., Capital Normal University, Beijing, China

B.S., Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, China

My research interests mainly focus on emotional aging, including: age differences in emotional regulation, emotional experience (response), real social emotions, and the interactions between emotion and certain cognitive processes (e.g., decision-making). Recently, I am mainly involved with Dr. Yiwei Chen’s research lab, focusing on age differences in relations between emotional intelligence and well-being, as well as cultural differences. Future directions would be the extending of our current aging study into the aging population in the workplace, exploring age differences in certain personalities, emotional processes, and well-being.

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