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Clinical and Professional Activities

We have created this website to make it as easy as possible to collect needed information from clinical students in our program. As an APA accredited clinical psychology program, we are required to document various aspects of our program each year. Information required for APA includes a summary of the professional activities of our clinical students including degree progress, clinical training experiences and research activities. It is also important that clinical students keep an accurate record of their professional activities, particularly hours spent in clinical training, as this information is needed for pre-doctoral internship applications. It is recommended that students review requirements for internship early their graduate career by going to the APPIC website. Systematically collecting information about the professional activities of our students is also central to monitoring and improving our clinical training program. We need to review the activities of the students in our program as a whole to guide our decisions about the clinical curriculum and to meaningfully plan for the future of our program.

We require that each student complete this information on their clinical and professional activities twice a year, once in December and once in May. Data reporting periods run from May-December and from January-May. Students must complete this information no later than the last day of classes in the fall and spring semesters of each year. Students will receive an “incomplete” in Psych 733 or Psych 609/610 (first year students) until this information has been submitted. You will need to contact your instructor to have the “incomplete” grade removed from your record, so please, avoid this humiliation by simply completing the professional activities information contained on this website in a timely fashion.

Instructions for Professional/Clinical Activities Website:

BGSU Definitions

It is important that when recording the clinical hours that you comply with BGSU definitions of Intervention, Assessment, Other, Support, and Supervision hours we have adopted at BGSU.

Please note that categories for various types of clinical hours and information about client demographics reported for BGSU are more general than those required by APPIC for internship applications. It is strongly recommended that you do additional tracking of your clinical hours to be prepared for internship applications.

Tracking Log

A Tracking Log is available for you to record the information required on this website throughout the semester

You do not need to use this particular document to record your clinical activities, but it is advised that you use some systematic method to track your activities so the information that you submit is accurate. Please note that this document contains detailed instructions for completing the Tracking Log in addition to the Tracking Log itself. Students are encouraged to print a copy of the Instructions and the Tracking Log so that they may track their hours regularly.Click on the link to enter your data: Report Professional Activities Information