Recent Scholarly Work in the Department

 For older scholarly work by members of the department, see the Archive here .

John Basl


Basl, J. and Sandler, R., “Three Puzzles Regarding the Moral Status of Synthetic Organisms" “Artificial Life”: Synthetic Biology and the Bounds of Nature, Kaebnick, G. (ed), MIT Press, Under Contract.

Streiffer, R., and Basl, J., “The Ethics of Engineering Animals for Agriculture” Ethics of Emerging Technologies, Sandler, R. (ed.), Palgrave-Macmillan, Under Contract.

Basl, J., “Nothing Good Will Come from Giving Up Aetiological Accounts of Teleology."  Philosophy & Technology (forthcoming).

“Ethical Issues in the Application of Biotechnology to Animals in Agriculture” (co-written with Robert Streiffer) Oxford Handbook of Animal Ethics, Beauchamp, T. and Frey, R. (eds.), Oxford University Press 2011, pp. 826-854

“State Neutrality and the Ethics of Human Enhancement Technologies” American Journal of Bioethics: Neuroscience (1:2) 2010, pp. 41-48

“Restitutive Restoration: New Motivations for Ecological Restoration” Environmental Ethics (32:2) 2010, pp. 135-147

“Transhumanism, Human Dignity, and Moral Status” (co-written with Ronald Sandler), Open Peer Commentary, American Journal of Bioethics (10:7) 2010, pp. 63-66

“The Moral Status of Synthetic Organisms and Artificial Intelligences” Ethics of Emerging Technologies, Sandler, R. (ed.), Palgrave-Macmillan, Under Contract


“The Case for Biological Well-Being” 2012 Eastern Michigan University’s 2nd Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference (*Keynote Speaker)

“Restoring Character: Limiting Technology in Environmental Restoration” Ninth Annual Meeting for Environmental Philosophy 2012

“Making Animals Too Smart for Their Own Good: The Ethical Concerns Associated with Enhancing Non-Human Animals” American Philosophical Association (Pacific Division) 2012; Department of Philosophy, Concordia University 2011; Northeastern Workshop in Applied Philosophy 2011

"Restitutive Restoration: A New Model of Restoration", Sustainable U: Perspectives on Sustainability in Higher Education 2011 in Northwest Ohio and Beyond, Bowling Green State University

“Ecosystem Selection and the Trait-Group Framework” ISHPSSB, University of Utah 2011

“The Levels of Selection, Moral Considerability, and the Teleological Organization of Biotic Communities” American Philosophical Association (Central Division), ISEE Group Meeting 2011; Department of Philosophy, Bowling Green State University 2011; Department of Philosophy, Florida International University 2011; Department of Philosophy, Beloit College 2010

“On the Possibility and Implications of Moral Status Enhancement” Exploring Human Enhancement Symposium, The Center for Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology at the University of Texas at Dallas, 2011

“On the Possibility and Implications of Moral Status Enhancement in Non-Human Research Subjects” Department of Philosophy and Political Science, Quinnipiac University 2011

Michael Bradie

Book Review

Review of The Blackwell Guide to Medical Ethics. Blackwell Philosophy Guides, Volume 21 , Edited by Rosamond Rhodes, Leslie P Francis, and Anita Silvers, in  The Quarterly Review of Biology, December 2007, Vol. 82, No. 4..


“Popper’s Dance with Darwin,” at the  International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology, University of Exeter, UK;  7/25/2007-7/29/2007.

Christian Coons


“How to Prove that some acts are Wrong”, University of Colorado at Boulder, Rocky Mountain Ethics Conference, August 2009.

“Consequentialism in Transition”, University of California at Berkeley, The Tenth Conference of the International Society for Utilitarian Studies, 11-14 September 2008.

“The Serpent Windings of Normative Taxonomy”, Northwestern University, The Society for Ethical Theory and Political Philosophy, May 2008.


“The Dead Donor Rule, Active Euthanasia, and Capital Punishment,” (with Noah Levin) Bioethics, Forthcoming.

R.G. Frey


“Euthanasia and The Concept of Death”,  in J. C. Taylor, ed., The Metaphysics of Death (Oxford, Oxford University Press, forthcoming)

“Goals, Luck, and Moral Obligation”, in Social Philosophy and Policy, forthcoming.

“Pain and A Valuable Life” in J. Schaller, ed., Singer Under Fire (Chicago, Open Court Publishing Co. forthcoming

“The End of Life”, in J. Skorupski, Ethics (London, Routledge, forthcoming).

"Should Animal Research in Psychology Be Eliminated" - Brent Slife, ed., Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Psychological Issues, 15th edition, McGraw Hill, 2007, pp. 11-19> Revised version of "Justifying Animal Experimentation" from Why Animal Experimentation Matters, Transaction Press.

"Animals", in Tom L. Beuachamp, ed., Contemporary Issues In Bioethics, 7th ed., Wadsworth, 2007, pp. 111-122. Revised version of paper in Oxford Handbook of Practical Ethics, Oxford University Press..

Mark Herman (Graduate Student)


“Sustainable Transformations: Technology and Its Environments,” at the Humanities and Technology Association Conference (Terre Haute, IN), October 2007.

Fred Miller, Jr.


 The History of Philosophy of Law from the Ancient Greeks to the Scholastics, edited in association with Carrie-Ann Biondi, vol. 6 of A Treatise of Legal Philosophy and General Jurisprudence. Berlin: Springer, 2007.  I wrote the prologue, chapters 4 (Aristotle's Philosophy of Law) and 7 (Early Jewish and Christian Philosophy of Law) and co-authored chapter 6 (Roman Philosophy of Law).

 Freedom, Reason, and the Polis: Essays in Ancient Greek Political Philosophy, co-edited with David Keyt. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007.


"The Rule of Reason in Plato’s Statesman and the American Federalist," Social Philosophy & Policy 24:2 (2007) 90-129.

"Aristotelian Statecraft and Modern Politics," in Aristotle’s Politics Today, eds. Lenn E. Goodman and Robert Talisse (Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 2007), 13-32.

Book Chapters

“Prologue,” “Aristotle's Philosophy of Law” (Chapter 4), “Early Jewish and Christian Philosophy of Law” (Chapter 7), and “Roman Philosophy of Law” (Chapter 6, co-author) in The History of Philosophy of Law from the Ancient Greeks to the Scholastics, eds.  Carrie-Ann Biondi and Fred Miller Jr. vol. 6 of A Treatise of Legal Philosophy and General Jurisprudence. Berlin: Springer, 2007.

Amanda Roth


"A Procedural, Pragmatist Account of Ethical Objectivity" at Kennedy Institute of Ethcis Journal (forthcoming).

David Schwan (Graduate Student)

Conference Presentations

“J.S. Mill on Coolie Labor and Voluntary Slavery,” 64th Annual Northwest Philosophy Conference, Fall 2012

“Wittgenstein’s Method in Transition: Waismann and Vienna,” Society for the Study of Analytical Philosophy, Spring 2012

David Shoemaker (Adjunct Faculty)


"Moral Responsibility and Personal Identity," at the Northwest Philosophy Conference (Portland, OR), 10/4/07.

"Responsibility Without Identity," Center for Ethics & Public Affairs, Murphy Institute, Tulane University, 11/9/07.


"Personal Identity and Practical Concerns," Mind 116 (2007)

"Moral Address, Moral Responsibility, and the Boundaries of the Moral Community," Ethics 118 (2007)

Encyclopedia Entries

"Personal Identity and Ethics," Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

  Eli Weber (Graduate Student)


“Rebels with a Cause:  Self-Preservation and Absolute Sovereignty in Hobbes’s Leviathan,” forthcoming in History of Philosophy Quarterly, Vol. 29, No. 3 (2012).

Context-Dependence in Searle’s Impossibility Argument:  A Reply to Butchard and D’Amico,” Philosophy of the Social Sciences Vol. 42, No. 1 (2012).

“A Difference That Makes A Difference:  Welfare and the Equality of Consideration,” Between the Species Vol. 13, No. 10 (2010).

Conference Presentations

 "What's So Great About Moral Responsibility:  A Critique of Narrative Value," 5th Annual Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress, University of Colorado, Boulder, August 9-12 2012.