Jan-March, 2008

2008 Department Awards Given

Several awards were made recently in recognition of the achievements of some undergraduate philosophy majors and one graduate student.

The James W. Child Scholarship was given to  Aimee Karnavas.  Aimee is a junior this year, who is interested in political philosophy.  She plans to go to Law School in California after graduation, preferably at Berkeley.  

The Jonathan Heskett Memorial Award was given to Jennifer Coon.  She is a senior and will be going on to graduate school in philosophy.  She is interested in moral psychology.  A special commendation was made to graduate student Fred Olwendo who is nearing the end of his dissertation writing process (he hopes!)

The Ramona Cormier Award was given to Chris Partridge.  Chris is a senior and is currently in the process of applying to graduate programs in philosophy.  After graduation, he will be spending the interim in Australia.  His interests lie in applied ethics.

The Tom Tuttle Award was also given to Jennifer Coon.

The Robert Goodwin Award was given to Hannah Nicol.  Hannah will begin the graduate program in Higher Education and Student Affairs at the University of South Carolina in Fall 2008.  She is interested in existentialism.


Outstanding Scholarly Achievements in the Department: Fred Miller Eclipses All

Our faculty and students have had another very productive year.  Numerous presentations have been given at conferences, papers published in journals and in one case two books published.  Fred Miller, indefatigable scholar that he is, published two books in 2007.   The books were: firstly  The History of Philosophy of Law from the Ancient Greeks to the Scholastics, edited in association with Carrie-Ann Biondi, vol. 6 of A Treatise of Legal Philosophy and General Jurisprudence and secondly Freedom, Reason, and the Polis: Essays in Ancient Greek Political Philosophy, co-edited with David Keyt.  

For full details of our department's scholarly endeavours, see here.