December 7, 2006

Philosophy Department Highly Ranked: Future looks Bright

December 7, 2006

Department Chair, , was pleased to see the very positive rankings given to Bowling Green's department in the latest version of the Philosophical Gourmet report. Professor Sobel made the following comments.

"The Bowling Green State University philosophy department offers prospective graduate students and faculty a unique program focused in ethics, political philosophy, and applied ethics, while also training our graduate students in the core areas of philosophy.

We are pleased to report that our strong reputation in the areas of our specialization has been reflected in the recent 2006-08 Philosophical Gourmet report:"

Applied Ethics

Ranking: Group 1 (1-6th)


Normative Ethics and Moral Psychology

Ranking: Group 4 (13-29 th)



Ranking: Group 5 (17-27th)


Political Philosophy

Group 4 (28-44th)



"Additionally, we are in a very strong position to improve our department significantly by hiring aggressively in the next few years. We will be hiring two people in ethics, political, and/or applied ethics this year. We anticipate hiring 4-5 additional faculty in the following 3 years."