Department Colloquia

Department colloquia are primarily discussions of works in progress, so all those in attendance are expected to have read the paper in advance to facilitate an hour and a half of discussion time.  For copies of colloquium papers, please contact the department office.

2012-13 Schedule

  • September 14, Robert Audi (Notre Dame) 
  • September 21, Michael Titelbaum (University of Wisconsin) 
  • October 12, Stephen Nathanson, (Northeastern University)
  • November 2, Don Scherer (Bowling Green State University)) 
  • November 9, Ronald Sandler (Northeastern University)
  • December 5, John Corvino (Wayne State University)
  • Spring 2013, Dates TBA, Sharon Street, Elliott Sober


Colloquia are held (unless stated otherwise) in 301 Shatzel Hall beginning at 4:00 and will end at 6:00, after which the discussion will continue at some to-be-designated local eatery. All are welcome!

For directions to Shatzel Hall, see below.

Past Department Colloquium Speakers Include:

  • Russell Shafer-Landau
  • Donald Hubin
  • Marina Oshana
  • David Copp
  • Elizabeth Anderson
  • Ben Bradley
  • Christopher Heathwood
  • Christopher Shields
  • Guido Pincione
  • Peter Railton
  • Vaughn Baltzly
  • Austin Dacey
  • Jonathan Miles
  • Eric Cave
  • Dan Jacobson
  • David Braddon-Mitchell
  • Doug Husak
  • Joshua Knobe
  • Sigrid Svavarsdottir
  • Michael Ruse
  • Joe Levine
  • Elizabeth Anderson
  • Louise Antony
  • Connie Rosati
  • Bob Gordon
  • Richard Kraut
  • David McNaughton
  • Ann Cudd
  • Paul Benson
  • Margaret Atherton
  • George Agich
  • Dale Jamieson
  • Janice Dowell
  • Alexei Marcoux
  • Campbell Brown
  • Frank Jackson
  • Jennifer Nagel
  • Andy Egan
  • Brian McLaughlan
  • Kieran Setiya
  • Mark Van Roojen
  • Diane Jeske
  • Terry Horgan


Directions to Shatzel Hall from I-75 (exit 181):

After leaving I-75, drive west on Wooster St to fourth set of traffic lights and turn right onto Thurstin Ave. Shatzel Hall is the third building on the right hand side. There is metered parking in lots both beside and across the road from Shatzel Hall.

Please be aware that the dates, times, and locations of talks are subject to change for a variety of reasons. For further information, for directions, or to confirm that things are running according to schedule please call the department at (419) 372-2117.

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