Undergraduate History Major

BGSU is a great place to study history. As a BGSU History major, you will take classes from some of the best scholars in the field and choose courses from a wide array of options in U.S., African, East Asian, European, Latin American and World History, on topics as varied as conquest and indigenous peoples, economic and human development, foreign relations, holocaust and human rights, immigration and slavery, war and society, and women’s history and gender.

BGSU History Department Hands-on Learning


The history major is one of the more flexible majors on campus---meaning that you get to exercise a lot of choice over the history classes you take. Still, you must fulfill certain requirements to complete the degree and the major. Browse the forms and documents on the right column to learn more about our program.

Undergraduate Advisor

Please note that to make an appointment with the Undergraduate Advisor you first need to contact:

Ms. Tina Thomas, Secretary
128 Williams Hall

The advisor for History majors is:

Dr. Amílcar E. Challú
25 Williams Hall

From the desk of the Undergraduate Advisor

  • You may receive emails from the undergraduate advisor with important information for majors.
  • Second-semester freshmen's registrations are on hold until they come to speak with the History advisor.
  • Seniors must submit an application for graduation on-line by the end of the SECOND WEEK of the semester in which they plan to graduate. The only exception is for summer graduates who must complete the form on-line by the end of the first week of summer semester.
  • If a History major has an academic hold on their registration, they must contact the History advisor to remove the hold. Please double-check, though, as some holds are due to financial issues, and that is something the History advisor cannot remove.
  • For all History majors who have junior-year status, you must complete a junior year audit. Please go over your schedule through the Degree Audit Form BEFORE coming to see the History advisor.
  • Degree audits done with the History advisor are not official for graduation. The College of Arts and Science must grant their final approval in order for the audit to be official.


Download Junior Audit

The Junior Audit is a required form that you complete with the History advisor. It is also a useful tool to track the progress toward your degree.

The History Major and Minor in the Undergraduate Catalog