Special features of the BGSU Russian program are:

Some Good Reasons to Learn Russian

Official BGSU major requirements

BGSU is the only public institution in northern Ohio to offer a full, four-year course of study in Russian culture and language. The Russian major provides a quality liberal arts education combined with language and learning skills. In comparison with others in the U.S., BGSU students have recorded above-average scores on standardized Russian tests.


BGSU Library's Russian Language and Culture Guide


SRAS (School of Russian and Asian Studies) - wealth of info. and excellent newsletter

IREX site - IREX is a professional organization.
American Councils/ACTR - combines information and learning resources.
American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages
American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages
The Birch - an undergraduate journal of creative work and critical commentary regarding Eastern European and Eurasian politics, history, art, and literature

Career Resource Center - mix of commerical, non-profit, and government WWW sites and resources.
Moscow Times job listings (by occupation) - offers the same perspective.
St. Petersburg site APORT- may give you ideas about future opportunities in Russia.
The Wall Street Journal - has a rather sophisticated careers page on line.
American Chamber of Commerce in Russia