BGSU Pre-Professional Programs and PreMajor

General Studies Writing

Welcome to General Studies Writing (GSW), Bowling Green State University's first year writing program.

GSW courses work in combination to provide students sustained, guided practice writing for a variety of academic audiences and purposes.

Our program consists of three dynamic courses on writing:

  • GSW 1100: Intensive Introduction to Academic Writing
  • GSW 1110: Introduction to Academic Writing
  • GSW 1120: Academic Writing

GSW faculty dedicate themselves to working closely with students, providing writers instructional support as they compose a series of projects across multiple genres and modalities. Our ongoing collaborations with the Learning Commons, STAC, and other campus partners provide students additional opportunities to understand and perform writing as a dynamic means of understanding, and connecting with, and affecting positive change in the many communities of which each of us is a member.

Please feel encouraged to contact us or stop by 215 East Hall if you would like an opportunity to learn more about our program.

Dr. Lee Nickoson, Director