About the Homepage Collage

The images in our collage are integrally related to the research interests of our faculty as well as areas in which our program specializes. They highlight issues related to immigration, race, gender, age, bodies, sexuality and cultural politics emerging in the fields of Postmodern Critical Theory, Modernism, British Romanticism, Medieval/Renaissance studies, The Gothic and American studies, in order to emphasize the strengths of our program. The images (from L to R) include The Three Ages of Man, by Giorgione (1500-01) (Courtesy the Ministero per i Beni e le Attivita Culturali), Las Meninas by Diego Velasquez (1656), a portrait of Virginia Woolf, Untitled by New York avant-garde artist David Wojnarowicz, (Courtesy Whitney Museum of American Art), Lord Byron in Albanian Dress by Thomas Phillips, (1813-1835) (Courtesy National Portrait Gallery UK), a parody of Grant Wood's iconic painting American Gothic, and two images from the Rhizomes website, designed by Helen Burgess. (Rhizomes is an online bi-annual journal of cultural studies founded by Ellen Berry). Also included are book jackets from faculty publications.