ATLAS: Association for Textual and Literary Analysis Students

Mission Statement

ATLAS' mission is to assist in the professionalization of graduate literature students in the English department. We also provide a venue for new graduate students to learn about the work of their colleagues and professors, as well as other professionals in the English field. We aim to build the strongest possible community among students while preparing them for work in the field.


Current English MA students can visit our Facebook group to stay up-to-date on events and keep in touch with the rest of the group.

We have also created an Alumni group for ATLAS alumni to help current and past students stay connected and share scholarly or professional development opportunities.

Current Officers

Nichole Rued, President
E-mail: nrued@bgsu.edu

Hannah Espinoza, Vice President
E-mail: hannahe@bgsu.edu

Lucas Fullencamp, Secretary
E-mail: lfullen@bgsu.edu

Shane Snyder, Treasurer
E-mail: shamsny@bgsu.edu

Emily Dagg, Events Liaison
E-mail: edagg@bgsu.edu

Dr. Jolie Sheffer, Faculty Advisor
Email: jsheffe@bgsu.edu