Jude Edminster

Jude Edminster, Associate Professor, Associate Chair & Graduate Coordinator


319 East Hall

Degrees and Institutions:

Ph.D., Rhetoric and Composition, University of South Florida
M.A., Renaissance Literature, University of South Florida
B.A., English (Modern American) Literature, University of South Florida 

Courses Taught:

Graduate Courses:

Professional / Technical Writing
Professional / Technical Editing
Resources and Research in Professional / Technical Communication
Ethics in Professional / Technical Communication

Undergraduate Courses:

Introduction to Technical Writing
Science and Medical Writing
Advanced Technical Writing

Area: Scientific and Technical Communication; Professional Writing and Rhetoric

Research Interests:

The emerging genres of (1) digital field notebooks in the earth sciences, and (2) electronic medical records (EMR);
The evolving genre of electronic theses and dissertations;
How the increasing use of multimedia and alternative document structures work to shape what counts as knowledge in various disciplines;
The effects of the diffusion of digital scholarship within the social system of academe; and,
How various digital effects integrated with text in a document affect the construction of its meaning by readers.

Recent Publications:

Edminster, Jude, Andrew Mara, and Kristine Blair. "Digital Studio as Method: Collaboratively Migrating Theses and Dissertations into the Technological Ecology of English Studies." Technological Ecologies and Sustainability.  Edited by Danielle Nicle DeVoss, Heidi McKee, and Richard Selfe. Forthcoming from Computers and Composition Digital Press in association with University of Utah Press.

Edminster, Jude. Co-authored with Andrew Mara. "Reinventing Audience through Distance: Composing and Revising the Professional / Technical Writing Program." Eds. David Franke and Alex Reid. Forthcoming from Parlour Press, Spring 2007.

Edminster, Jude. "Constructing Professional Interest Over and Against Resistance to Innovation." Invited Chapter. Technology in English Studies: Innovative Professional Paths. Edited by James Inman and Beth L. Hewett, Eds. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence-Erlbaum Associates, May 2005.

"Teaching Online Workspace Collaboration." STC 2004 Proceedings. May 2004. pp. 184-188.

"Resistance to ETDs I Academe: Diffusion of Innovation." Computers and Composition Online. Fall, 2003. http://www.bgsu.edu/cconline

Edminster, Jude and Joseph M. Moxley. "Graduate Education and the Evolving Genre of Electronic Theses and Dissertations." Computers and Composition. Vol. 19 No. 1. 2002.

Edminster, Jude. "The Diffusion of New Media Scholarship: Power, Innovation and Resistance in Academe." University of South Florida, 2002.

Work In Progress:

From Manuscript to Digital: Re-mediating the traditional field notebook

Qualitative research in the form of field observations, interviews, and online questionnaires to examine faculty and student geologists' use of electronic writing technologies to record field notes. Research questions include: How does the document life cycle of a geology field notebook change when note-taking practices change from manuscript/paper form to digital/pc tablet form? Does the use of electronic field notebooks (1) reduce errors in data collected; (2) encourage/increase collaboration and sharing of raw field data; (3) result in greater connectivity among other electronic field devices; (4) extend the active life cycle of field notes; (5) amplify retrieval and dissemination of field observations?