Cross Cultural Conversation Connection Application

To apply to be part of Cross Cultural Conversation Connection, please send the information below by email to CCCC@bgsu.edu Applicants will be contacted for more info shortly after the Spring 2015 semester starts.

This program is designed to match international students with an American student to practice English, learn about one another's cultures, make friends, and find activities to do with one another.


****PLEASE NOTE: After you hit the submit button on the bottom of the page you may receive an error message. However, your application is still being submitted to the CCCC Program. If you are unsure about your submission, or if you have any questions, you can email CCCC@bgsu.edu.

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The Cross Cultural Conversation Connection is a program intended to help students learn about other people, places, cultures, and languages while forming new friendships.  Differences are part of what make this program a unique and enriching experience.  All participants must therefore be respectful of their partners’ different personal, religious, and social values.

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