Student Green Initiative Fund

Thank you for your interest in the Student Green Initiative Fund! The following Frequently Asked Questions should provide you with information about the fund sufficient to complete and submit the application for funding for a project that will make BGSU an even “greener” place. We encourage your applications and hope that you will share this site and information about the fund with others.

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A: Put simply, the Student Green Fund is a pool of money which is available to fund BGSU students on green and environmental projects on campus. Spring semester, 2009, interested BGSU students met and determined there was an interest on the part of the student community here to create a fund from an opt-out $5.00 per semester fee that would be used to finance environmental/green projects to help BGSU become more of a leader in the area of environmental sustainability. After obtaining the support of USG, GSS, other student organizations, and many signatures of student on petitions, the proposal [PDF] was sent to and approved by the Board of Trustees in June of 2009. Starting in January, 2010, the fund will be available to use for green projects which are proposed by BGSU students. A committee of students will review all applications for projects, making selections for funding.

A: Any current BGSU undergraduate student, graduate student, or groups thereof from the main campus may apply for funding from the Student Green Initiative Fund.

A: A green project is one that has as its purpose making BGSU more environmentally friendly, energy efficient, sustainable or a combination of all of these. Sustainability as used in this context means to allow everyone to live well while assuring that resources will not be diminished for future generations.

A: There is no real limit to the amount you can request, but you should consider that multiple applications for funds will likely be received, and the selection committee will endeavor to fund as many reasonable requests as possible. The amount of funds requested will not result in its outright rejection, as some partial funding decisions may be made by the selection committee.

A: The application, which includes the step by step process for completion is available online. It can be completed and submitted online. Or, a copy of the application can be printed and submitted to Dr. Nick Hennessy, Sustainability Coordinator, 246 Shatzel Hall, BGSU. The committee making the selections meets regularly and will make funding decisions on a rolling basis as applications are received. Thus, there is no official deadline for submission; however the sooner an application is submitted, the sooner a decision can be made, and the funding processed if the project is selected. Applications which are submitted after the beginning of the spring, 2010 semester, if approved for funding, may be delayed due to the cyclical nature of the availability of the Green Fund. Thus, it is highly recommended that applications be submitted as soon as possible and before the end of the fall, 2009 semester.

A: It would be helpful for you to review the original proposal for the Green Fund referred to above, which includes a number of examples of projects from other universities. However, possible ideas at BGSU include pilot projects for alternative ways of generating energy for buildings or university housing including solar, geothermal or wind; “green” roofs; modifications to or enhanced recycling; educational programs/initiatives/activities; purchases of equipment; building modifications, and many more.

A: Solar power initiatives; purchases of renewable energy; creation of informational “kiosks”; rainwater recapture projects; composting initiatives; biodiesel conversion of university equipment; creation of environmentally-themed living unit for students.

A: Sure…Be creative and innovative in your ideas. Read the directions and questions in the application carefully and answer them as fully, clearly, and directly as possible. Remember that the projects must have as their goal the “greening” of BGSU by making it more energy efficient and/or decreasing our environmental footprint, cut down on our use of resources, etc. Refrain from proposals for mere beautification/physical improvement of the campus unless that happens to be a byproduct of the environmental result.