Environmental Health

Environmental Health learning outcomes are for students to achieve understanding of:

  • a foundation science and an understanding of the scientific process
  • major environmental health societal and large-scale issues
  • fundamentals of community environmental health practice
  • social aspects of implementing environmental health practices
  • one of the technical areas central to environmental health

Required Courses (22 hours of course work):

  • 10 credit hours of foundational sciences, to consist of either BIOL 204 and BIOL 205, or CHEM 125, CHEM 127 and CHEM 128
  • 9 credit hours of foundational environmental health courses to consist of
    ENVH 210, ENVH 301, and ENVH 306
  • 3 credit hours of an advanced environmental health course to consist of either
    ENVH 407 or ENVH 449 (Please note that these courses have prerequisites.