Faculty & Staff

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Enrique Gomezdelcampo

Position: Associate Professor
Email: egomezd@bgsu.edu

ecohydrology, use of information technology in environmental projects (including modeling, visualization, GIS, and remote sensing), fluvial geomorphology, ecological complexity, climate and land-use change at various scales.

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Jodi Haney

Position: Emeritus Professor
Email: jhaney@bgsu.edu

Teacher beliefs and classroom practices, professional development models for teaching and leadership, problem-based learning.

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Nathan Hensley

Position: Assistant Professor
Email: nhensle@bgsu.edu

Sustainability Education

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Andrew Kear

Position: Assistant Professor
Email: akear@bgsu.edu

Energy, sustainability, environmental policy, geologist and political scientist, natural gas, water, environmental problems.

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Holly Myers

Position: Lecturer
Email: hmyersj@bgsu.edu

Environmental justice, urban sprawl, brownfields and growth management strategies.


Marco Nardone

Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: 419-372-9644
Email: marcon@bgsu.edu

Theoretical physics, semiconductor device modeling, photovoltaics, nucleation theory, charge transport in non-crystalline materials, environmental physics

Website:  Research website

Google Scholar Stats:  Nardone Scholar


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Colleen Yarger

Position: Secretary
Email: cyarger@bgsu.edu