Fall 2012 Course Flyer

1920Q Inquiry in Humanities and the Creative Arts
1930Q Inquiry in Individuals and Society
2000 Introduction to Women's Studies: Perspectives on Gender, Class and Ethnicity
2400 Special Topics in Women's Studies
2610 Introduction to LGBT Studies
2730 History of Feminist Thought and Action
3000 Topics in Women's Studies
3010 Women, Art and Culture
3050 Women of Color in the United States
3060 Psychology of Gender
3130 Contemporary Global Feminisms
3270 Women in Modern Europe
3350 Women and Interpersonal Violence
3440 African Women
3510 Topics in Sexuality Studies
3610 Histories of Queer Activism
3710 Gender & Practice in Community-Based Work
4000 Advanced Topics in Women's Studies
4010 Practicum in Women's Studies
4330 Theories of Othered Bodies
(4420) Women in American Politics  ** available as of 08/20/2012
4450 Women's Sexualities
4550 Latina/o Gender and Sexuality
4600 Sociology of Gender
4670 Gender, Media & Culture
4680 Reproductive Health and Politics
4700 Independent Study in Women's Study
4990 Senior Thesis in Women's Studies