Graduate Certificate Students

Erika M. Behrmann
PhD Student, School of Media and Communications
MA, Women's and Gender Studies, Eastern Michigan University
Research Interests: Feminist media studies, postfeminism, pedagogy, postcolonialism, and their various intersections and materializations within digital media and gaming. To learn more about her research, appearances, and publications, go to www.erikambehrmann.com.

Jason Roy Burnett
PhD Student, Media and Communication
MSEd, Counseling
MA, Literature
Research interests: Disability, Identity, and Sexuality.

April Conway
PhD student, Rhetoric and Writing
MFA, Poetry, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY
B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Redlands, Redlands, CA
Research Interests: feminist theory, rhetorics of place and space, cultural geography, cultural rhetorics.

Adrienne C. Hill

Starlit Hill
PhD Student in American Culture Studies
MA, Criminal Justice, New Mexico State University
BA, Criminal Justice, New Mexico State University
Research Interests: Juvenile prison work, gender and juvenile prison work, gender and authority, coping with role incongruity

Clare Lemke
PhD Student, American Culture Studies

Tinola Natasha Mayfield-Guerrero
PhD Student in Leadership Studies
MA, Sociology, University of Toledo
MA, Philosophy, University of Toledo
BA, Women and Gender Studies, University of Toledo
Research Interests: Feminist Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Social Science, Philosophy of Science.

JoAnna R. Murphy
PhD Student, American Culture Studies
MA, Sociology, University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio
BA, Popular Culture, Bowling Green State University
Research Interests: Fat Studies, Popular Culture, Gender, Body Theory.

Briana Pocratsky
MA Student, Popular Culture
BA, Sociology, Saint Vincent College, Latrobe, PA
Research Interests: gender, the body, children’s media.

Nicole Reamer
PhD Student, American Culture Studies
MA, Communication Studies, Kent State University
BA, Communication Studies, University of Toledo
Research Interests: Most things mediated with a particular emphasis on feminist perspectives of popular television, video games and gaming culture, as well as the many ways in which audiences/viewers/users interact with these media to build and maintain culture, community, and identity in digital spaces.

Stephanie Salerno 
PhD Student, American Culture Studies
MA, Liberal Studies, North Central College, Naperville, IL
BA, Music History, Roosevelt University, Chicago College of Performing Arts, Chicago, IL
Research Interests:  Popular Music and gender/sexuality, Rufus Wainwright, the intersection of high and low art in music, masculinity in musical subcultures, gender performance in opera.

Katharine Schaab
PhD Candidate, American Culture Studies, BGSU
MA, English, Northern Illinois University
MA, Women's History, Sarah Lawrence College
BA, English and Spanish, Miami University
Research Interests: 20th century, U.S. women immigrant identities, experiences, and depictions in cultural products.

Heather M. Sloane
PhD Student, American Culture Studies
MSW, Health Social Work, Virginia Commonwealth University
BS, Psychology, College of William and Mary
Research Interests: Medical culture, the relationship between poverty and medical education in the US.

John Paul Staszel 
PhD Student in Theater

Dinah Tetteh
PhD student, Media and Communication
MA, Communication, East Tennessee State University
B.Ed in Education
Research Interests: health communication, women’s health and related issues, social support, ICT for health, ICT for development.

Hillary Weiss
MA student, Literary and Textual Studies
BA, English Secondary Education
Research interests: gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, how gender and sexuality relates to rhetoric and writing, and 19th and early 20th century literature.