Graduate Certificate Students

Katie Sullivan Barak
Doctoral Student in American Culture Studies
Masters in Popular Culture, Bowling Green State University
BS in Journalism and Mass Communications, University of Colorado at Boulder
My research interests include representation of women in television and film, animals in popular culture, and the hegemonic qualities of humor in media.

Adrian A. Bautista
Doctoral Student in American Culture Studies
MA in College Student Personnel, BGSU
BA in History, BGSU
Research Interests: American Catholicism, border theory, ecocriticism, masculinity

Amira Akl
Doctoral Student in Rhetoric and Writing

Tinola Natasha Mayfield-Guerrero
Doctoral Student in Leadership Studies
MA in Sociology, University of Toledo
MA in Philosophy, University of Toledo
BA in Women and Gender Studies, University of Toledo
Research Interests: Feminist Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Social Science, Philosophy of Science

Brock Webb
Masters Student in American Culture Studies
BA in Sociology, Grinnell College
Research Interests: Queer epistemologies and methodologies in social science; camp, drag, and gender embodiment; queer cultural formations in mass culture.

Melinda Lewis
PhD American Culture Studies, BGSU 2013
MA American Culture Studies, BGSU 2009
BA English, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), 2007 (Indiana, PA)
My research interests are: media and film studies; gender, genre, and marketing; media industries, representation, gender and humor.

Adrienne C. Hill

Angela Fitzpatrick

Nancy Bressler
Ph.D. in Media and Communication
M.A. in Communication from the University of Hartford
B.A. in Communications/Theatre from Albright College
My research interests include media studies, with an emphasis on the intersections of critical/cultural studies, feminist theory, and popular culture. Previous research has concentrated on the role of media in American culture and how the images in movies and television influence and contribute to American identity. In particular, I focus on the intersections of gender and economic class on television sitcoms. My most recent project analyzes the sexual division of labor and its intersections with class status.  It examines to what extent current sitcoms contribute to the discourse of 
what constitutes household labor and hopes to further conceptualize how media images influence the overall ideas of gender roles in the American family.  If television reinforces negative stereotypes, it ignores broader social structures that marginalize these issues in the first place.

Elisabeth Woronzoff-Dashkoff
Doctoral student in the American Culture Studies,
Gender and Culture Studies, Simmons College,
Boston, MA
Music History/Literature and Political Science,
Simmons College, Boston, MA
Research Interests: Social and Cultural Narratives Created Through History and Literature; Contextualization of Gender, Sexuality, and Identity; Women's History, specifically in the 18th century; Popular Cultural Practices both Nationally and Transnationally; Sexuality and Gender Studies; Globalization of Popular Culture; Music and Lyrics as Conditioners of Self-Identity; The Intersection of Race, Gender, and Class as Embodied by both historical and contemporary musicians; Youth Cultures and Adolescent Identity Development; Cultural Studies and Media, Film, and Music Criticism

April Conway
PhD student in Rhetoric and Writing
MFA in Poetry, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY
B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Redlands, 
Redlands, CA
Research Interests: feminist theory, rhetorics of place and space, cultural geography, cultural rhetorics

Diana DePasquale
Doctoral Student, American Culture Studies
Undergrad/Grad Institutions and Degrees: B.A., American 
Studies, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
M. A., American Culture Studies, Bowling Green State 
Research Interests:Television studies, comedy and humor studies, women in comedy, women on television, cult films and their audiences, post 9/11 television and affect.

Katie LaPlante
Masters Student in History

Clare Lemke
Doctoral Student in American Culture Studies

Katharine Schaab
PhD, American Culture Studies 
MA, English, Northern Illinois University; Women's History, 
Sarah Lawrence College 
BA, English and Spanish, Miami University 
Research Interests: 20th century, U.S. women immigrant identities, experiences, and depictions in cultural products 

John Paul Staszel 
Doctoral Student in Theater

JoAnna R. Murphy 

Doctoral Student in American Culture Studies
MA in Sociology, University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio
BA in Popular Culture, Bowling Green State University
Research Interests: Fat Studies, Popular Culture, Gender, Body Theory

Stephanie Salerno 

Doctoral Student in the American Culture Studies Department.
MA in Liberal Studies, North Central College, Naperville, IL
BA in Music History, Roosevelt University, Chicago College of Performing Arts, Chicago, IL
Research Interests:  Popular Music and gender/sexuality, Rufus Wainwright, the intersection of high and low art in music, masculinity in musical subcultures, gender performance in opera