Folklore Minor Requirements

Folklore Minor (20 hours)

• POPC 2200: Introduction to Folklore and Folklife
• POPC 3200: Folktale and Legend
• POPC 3210: Folklife and Material Culture
• POPC 3250: The Folk Group/Folk Region*
• POPC 4240: Topics in Folklore Genres*
• POPC 4850: Fieldwork in Folklore Studies
• Elective with folklore component*

*POPC 3250 and POPC 4240 are special topics classes that are repeatable as long as the topic is different.  Students can take an additional 3250 or 4240 class to fulfill their elective requirement, or take a course with a significant folklore component offered through POPC or another unit.  Elective courses should be approved by the School Advisor.