Program Highlights


In addition to taking the one-credit service learning course, students will take a course or two here in Kohl Hall that will count towards graduation. Kohl classrooms are small (27 or less). We offer a lot of student-faculty interaction and guidance. Choose from courses such as Psychology, Political Science, Statistics, History, Philosophy, Geology, Environmental Studies, Theatre/Film, American Culture Studies, Ethnic Studies, Popular Culture, Writing, Women's Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, Studio Art and Glass Blowing. You are also free to take other courses in your major or programs anywhere on campus. 


We get together as a group several times each year to host speakers and entertainment, and serve special meals. We also plan smaller trips and outings, such as dinner out on the town, a trip to a museum, a day at Cedar Point, holiday shopping, snow tubing, and spring break projects.


Chapman Leaders are Chapman @ Kohl students who win a scholarship to study leadership. They live in Kohl to serve as peer-mentors for you! They work with our graduate interns, the Chapman secretary, CLC Director, the Resident Advisors and Chapman faculty to answer all your questions, offer registration assistance, and help you to learn about BGSU.