Recent Publications

Giammanco, G.E.; Ostrowski, A.D.  Photo-Patterning the mechanical properties of Polysaccharide-containing gels using Fe3+ coordination, Chemistry of Materials, 2015, 27, 4922-4925, DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.5b01727

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Yang, X.; Walpita, J.; Mirzakulova, E.; Oottikkal, S.; Hadad, C. M.; Glusac, K. D. Mechanistic Studies of Electrode-Assisted Catalytic Oxidation by Flavinium and Acridinium Cations. ACS Catalysis 2014, 4, 2635–2644. DOI:10.1021/cs5005135.

Schapiro, I.; Fusi, S.; Olivucci, M.; Andruniów, T.; Sasidharanpillai, S.; Loppnow, G. R. Initial Excited-State Dynamics of an N-Alkylated Indanylidene–Pyrroline (NAIP) Rhodopsin Analog. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2014, 118, 12243–12250. DOI:10.1021/jp508060z.

Sasmal, D. K.; Lu, H. P. Single-Molecule Patch-Clamp FRET Microscopy Studies of NMDA Receptor Ion Channel Dynamics in Living Cells: Revealing the Multiple Conformational States Associated with a Channel at Its Electrical Off State. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2014, 136, 12998–13005. DOI:10.1021/ja506231j.

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