Working Groups

Add Health Working Group
The Add Health working group provides CFDR faculty affiliates and graduate students the opportunity to meet other users of National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health), share information on these data, present preliminary ideas or analyses, and collaborate on projects. (You can find out more about Add Health using this link: http://www.cpc.unc.edu/projects/addhealth.) Please contact Kara Joyner if you are interested in joining this working group.

Crime and Violence in Context Working Group
The Crime and Violence in Context working group is targeted towards CFDR faculty affiliates and graduate students who are interested in linkages between population dynamics and crime and violence. Specifically, this working group considers not only how crime and violence change over the life course and across social contexts, but also the implications of criminal trajectories for union formation and parenting. Interested persons should contact the leader of this working group, Danielle Kuhl, at dckuhl@bgsu.edu, to join.

Families, Households, and Aging Working Group
The working group on Families, Households, and Aging provides the opportunity for CFDR faculty affiliates interested in family relationships in later life and the demography of aging to discuss ongoing research projects.  To join this group, please contact Susan Brown (brownsl@bgsu.edu)

Parental Well-Being Working Group
This new working group is a forum for CFDR faculty affiliates to discuss research on the impact of parenthood on adult well-being in the contemporary context. The working group will consider the growing diversity in how parenthood and the experience of parenting affect adults’ economic, psychological, and relationship well-being.  Please contact Karen Guzzo or Kei Nomaguchi  if you would like to join this group.

Working Group on Grant Preparation
This working group offers affiliates the chance to learn more about funding agencies and mechanisms (with an emphasis on the National Institutes of Health) and to obtain feedback from other affiliates on grant proposals in different stages of preparation. If you are interested in joining this group, e-mail Kara Joyner (kjoyner@bgsu.edu).